People From Twitter Criticized Forbes For Naming Kylie Jenner A ‘Self-Made’ Billionaire

Forbes youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner, received criticism from TwitterPhoto By: Hayu/Wikimedia/CC BY 3.0

When Kylie Jenner’s name comes up, the world talks about it.

That’s why when Forbes named Kylie Jenner as the youngest ever ‘self-made’ billionaire, the world (in Twitter) have weighed in on the announcement.

Many were surprised, of course, citing that her success was heavily dependent on her parents and the reality TV show she was since her childhood days. The twenty-one-year-old makeup mogul and reality TV star have made a fortune from her makeup brand ‘Kylie Cosmetics.’

Kylie has already surpassed the record of Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest ever self-made billionaire in Forbe’s list. That is why, the announcement itself has made the world talking – including the Dictionary.

Critics argue that Kylie’s success in the makeup industry when she launched Kylie Cosmetics at 18-years-old came off the back due to her fame from the hit reality show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ where she and her family was in since she was nine, and of course, the popularity of her sister, Kim Kardashian.

Model Linda Ortega said in a tweet calling Kylie a self-made billionaire is like calling Prince William a self-made man.

“Self-made to me implies came from nothing. She capitalized on preexisting fame due to being part of a wealthy socialite famous family. That fame catapulted her success. It’s like saying Prince William is self-made, ” she wrote.

Another Twitter user accused Forbes of not knowing the definition of self-made. He said that Kylie has since been in the spotlight with a lot of social media presence.

“I don’t think @Forbes knows what “self-made” means…… not to take credit for things she’s done she’s made a very good name for herself, but she’s had an insane amount of connections since she was 10. She was in the spotlight immediately. A lot is social media presence as well.”

And, since definitions have become one of the central topics in the announcement made by Forbes, the Dictionary has weighed in.

While Forbe’s definition of ‘self-made’ is broad, has suggested that it is straightforward, detailin as someone has succeeded in life unaided.

Forbes argues that they choose to define “self-made” as someone who didn’t inherit their wealth. Jenner says she had no trust fund and was “cut-off” from her parents at the age of 15 – though it’s worth noting that she was still living in their mansion and surviving off the royalties of the family reality show at the time.

Piers Morgan even said that Kylie is not self-made. Her wealth is because her sister (Kim Kardashian) made a sex tape.

Forbes says their “scoring system,” developed in 2014, aims to determine how self-made members are. It ranks wealthy Americans on a scale of 1 to 10, one being “someone who not only grew up poor but also experienced substantial hardships – like Oprah Winfrey,” Jenner ranks as a 7.

While Forbes continues to defend its inclusion of Kylie in its list, Twitter users also continue to throw jabs both to Forbes and Kylie Jenner.

One Twitter user said that Kylie is not self-made and made the joke that about ten percent of her body isn’t even self-made, referring to Kylie’s cosmetic surgeries.

Another user tried to educate Forbes on what self-made is by sharing the story of Oprah Winfrey who grew from a low-income family and surpassed many real challenges before she succeeded in life.

Another asked Forbes if she worked a random day job to support herself and build her makeup empire.

Others have pointed out her privilege and how she had all the headstart since she came from a wealthy family.

Another urged people to stop giving credit to rich people who used their wealth to enhance their status.

Another compared the situation to a marathon where Kylie ‘started’ at almost the finish line.

Another had pointed out that anyone from the Kardashian family becomes self-made automatically.

There are also those that argue that even if she didn’t use the money from her family, she is still the daughter of an Olympic medalist who is equal to having connections and a lot of privilege.

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