Game Of Thrones 8 Teaser: Whose Battle Are We On?

Which battle are we going to witness in the latest installment of Game of Thrones Season 8

Winter is finally here.

After a year of rumors and hints as to when will be the final battle between Cersei and those who claim the rightful owners of the throne, Game of Thrones finally releases its trailer today.

GOT is my favorite TV series way back college days. It was a routine for my roommates and me to watch GOT first before burying ourselves with loads of assignments and research papers. As for me, watching an hour-length episode becomes my stress reliever when things got out of control in school even until now that I am working.

In 2017, social media including Twitter were invaded by a lot of reactions for the said TV series. Shortly after the end of season 7, avid fans have been fed only by short teasers, images, and posters. And for the last several months, without giving us an exact date to look forward to, people began to speculate that the new season will be out later than expected or earlier in 2020.

Today, its season 8 is one of the most awaited TV series of all time and finally we have an official trailer to feast our eyes on.

Only Two dragons on sight so where is Viserion?

In the trailer, we get to see Daenery’s dragons landed on Winterfell. Arya Stark was amazed by the whole presence of these dragons. It also left us thinking whether Jon Snow will finally ride on one of Khaleesi’s dragons on the actual war. We can’t deny the fact that Dany’s children have warmed to Jon and well, he is also a Targaryen, so this opens an idea that on this final season he might as well be taking a flight to either Drogon or Rhaegal.

However, on season 7 we had a glimpse of one dragon which had been shot dead by the Night’s King. It’s Viserion who turned into ‘undead’ and became one of the strongest allies of the dead. But as the trailer progresses, there was no sight of Daenery’s dragon even on the scene which showed a battle against the living. This prompt a question such as ‘where is the ice-spitting dragon?’

Who is the man in golden armor and blonde hair?

GOT gives us the Lannisters as the only ‘blondes’ in the series. However, the trailer shows us another character at his golden armor and slicked-back blonde hair, but this is not ‘Jamie Lannister.’ At a closer look, it reveals that this man accompanied by an army is an ally of Euron Greyjoy. They are the ‘Golden Company’ from Essos which was promised by Euron to Cersei on Season 7. With ships and enough swords, he will be leading back these men to King’s Landing to win the war against Westeros.  

So, Euron finally accomplished his mission, and this made Cersei looked like enjoying her wine with a triumphant smile on her face.

Arya finally does her water dancing in battle

Since season 1, Arya was taking lessons in fighting (water dancing) on her journey with the faceless man. She had plenty of practice as shown in Season 4 when she killed Polliver who had murdered her friend on the way to Harrenhal. This season, the fight against the dead will be her ultimate chance to test her skills. After all, she looks like a total warrior on her fight snippet, but the trailer did not show us who she’s running from or to.

Which battle are we looking forward to? Is it the battle between the living and the dead? Or the fight between Cersei and the whole North with the Mother of Dragon, Khaleesi?

The incoming war could break or make each character in the series. We look forward to a ‘Battle’ but whose battle are we going to see? In season 7, Cersei did not believe that a great war is coming between the living and the dead. What she looked forward to is her battle against Khaleesi who claims that she is the rightful heir to the crown. As the mother of dragons built her kingdom and armies on Westeros, Cersei knew she is already outnumbered. This made her alliance with Euron Greyjoy, but oh dear, she’s preparing the wrong battle.

In the trailer, a quick glimpse on the night king and his army of the dead gave us an idea that this season has an epic finale. If Cersei’s golden army does not scare you, this army of undead will undoubtedly provide you with goosebumps. They are already set on a battle against the living with one of Daenerys dragons ‘Viserion’ which spit out ‘ice’ as their powerful weapon.

So, is this a battle between the Night King and the King of the North? We can only speculate for now since the two-minute trailer gives us a quick span of what to expect on the upcoming season. Speculations rose like Arya and Sansa’s doom and even Khaleesi’s death. But, we can only know for sure until the first episode starts airing.

There are only six episodes for the final season, mostly with a running time of longer than an hour. It is directed by David Nutter, Miguel Sapochnik, David Benioff and DB Weiss.

GOT season 8 release date will be on April 14 (US) and April 15 (UK). Now the question is ‘whose battle are we on’?

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