Queens Unite Against M&P Presents; Trinity The Tuck Resigns, Bob The Drag Queen Wants Queens To Produce Their Own Show

Queens Unite Against M&P Presents; Trinity The Tuck Resigns, Bob The Drag Queen Wants Queens To Produce Their Own ShowImage from @thatonequeen / Twitter

Many drag queens and performers are coming together to call out the management of the popular Haters Roast Show after M&P Presents fired and canceled all the bookings of Monet Xchange last week.

Monet Xchange, one of the winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4, was fired from the show by the M&P Presents’ management after Monet had to leave to film for a Madonna Music video.

The decision has earned criticisms from many drag queens as they too have experience with the said management.

Because of what happened, Monet’s co-winner of AS4 Trinity the Tuck has decided to withdraw her bookings for the show.

Disappointed of her backing out, many fans have contacted her asking for her explanation. The tuck queen then went on to explain her side on Twitter by posting the email she sent to M&P Presents saying that there are conducts in the show that she found shocking. She said that Monet was not the only reason for her exit and said that at least three people had told her what is happening behind the curtains and how the management is treating people.

“With that being said there has been some recent happenings that I have been made aware of that do not sit well with me. I have always been a person of integrity, and with the stories coming out I must part ways and discontinue affiliation with the M&P tours, ” she added.

She also apologized to her fans who she disappointed because of her resignation and promised that she would make up to them when she tours to their cities.

She asked her fans to retrospect her decision and asked them to stop making other queens feel bad for not leaving the show as she did.

“If someone has a good relationship and feels like they are being treated good then, by all means, they shouldn’t be made to feel bad for staying. I honestly do really hope the best for all involved.”

Meanwhile, Bob the Drag Queen, winner of Season 8 have called out the management for still running an ad that still includes Monet and Trinity. When M&P accused her of stirring drama that she is not involved in, she went out to gut the management about their reputation.

“The nerve of some people. When we toured together, you all learned that I’m serious about my family. @monetxchange is family, so this has EVERYTHING to do with me, ” Bob said as a caption to her retweet of M&P’s reply to her.

“I can’t even believe whoever is behind this Twitter account could accuse anyone of “stirring up drama.” You’ve publicly fired almost half a dozen queens, posted private text and emails on your Instagram, and threatened another dozen or so queens and promotion companies in private, ” she added.

Furthermore, Bob the Drag Queen also accused members of the M&P team of having sent unsolicited photos of their genitalia to the queens – a claim corroborated by Katya, a Season 7 Queen and host of YouTube’s Unhhhhhh.


That wasn’t still enough for Bob as she also called for a union of drag queens to produce their own shows. She claimed that producers are just profiting from the talent of the queens.

“ Bob for union president!” Tweeted by Season 7 winner Violet Chachki in agreement with Bob’s idea.

Many queens also supported Bob’s idea. PhiPhi O’Hara said that she’s good at producing huge shows so she can handle it.

Leila McQueen asked when will they start and Ongina said she’s willing to fill in the position.

Pandora box also chipped in saying it should really happen and that she’s tired of producers milking queens for their talents.

Meanwhile, Carmen Carrera raised the concern that the industry is not going allow the queens to succeed unless they suck up to people like M&P and that it is rare for queens to succeed on their own.

On the other hand, Dariene Lake, the elephant Queen from Season 6, defended the M&P Presents management by saying the in her experience, she has not been treated ill by the team and that it was a joy for her to work with them.

“Based on my relationships and experience with the Haters Roast Comedy Tour, I have nothing but respect for the people I have been working with. I have strengthened friendships and created new ones with queens I admire. I wish all of them success! I believe that as one of us move up in the world of entertainment, we all do.” She wrote.

“Working for Murray & Peter Present has personally been a joy for me. I have always been treated with respect and as part of a team.”

Do you know the old adage that there are three sides to every story? My side, their side, and the truth. Let me share…

Posted by Darienne Lake on Sunday, March 3, 2019

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