Amazon Knows What You Like And May Send Samples To Prove It

Amazon will send samples based on your own preferencePhoto By: Harry Myhre/Flickr

Everybody loves surprises and gifts, especially when these presents are your personal favorites. To some, there is a level of satisfaction knowing that you have made someone happy. The best people who may send you gifts are your family and friends, who know what you like. But, what if I tell you that other than your closest friends and relatives, someone will send you the same thing that you’re dreaming of having? Would this scare you?

Actually, it’s just Amazon.

Amazon steps up the game and aces other online retailers such as Best Buy and eBay. It is now sending samples and freebies to its potential customers based on consumers’ data.

Amazon is working on new ways to capitalize on its user data to boost purchases. This move is under the company’s current sampling program with a primary goal to maintain customers’ loyalty. Today, the top 20 products featured on its website are expected to deliver samples to its loyal customers. These items include BSN’s Protein crisp, Maybelline’s mascara, and Oxi-clean.

This program is one of Amazon’s rewards to its faithful customers who have been purchasing products for a long time. However, this comes as a surprise for many who don’t know about the program until they have received samples right on their front door. The package automatically includes a note with instructions on how to opt out in the program if customers don’t want to receive another sample in the future.

Sampling programs have been available in various iterations on Amazon over the years including a program that allowed primary members to purchase trial size products.

How Amazon does its technique to attract customers remains a mystery to some of its competitors. Based on the previous reports, the company topped the survey for online retailers and sellers in the country from 2018 until now. The business industry coined it as ‘Amazon Effect’ in 2018, where the retail giant’s success resulted in the bankruptcy of some companies including Best Buy.

Best Buy rose from ashes and created a new retail paradigm to keep up with its name in the field of online business. The company launched its “Renew Blue” strategy which focused on the five key pillars to improve and strengthen its business. One of its procedure includes a physical store. This technique allows consumers to experience essential physical interaction with certain products where they can purchase online but do not have to wait for products to be shipped or delivered to their home.

Now, Amazon depends on its marketing strategy to increase its sales. Its new style is undoubtedly enjoyed by many. One customer received a physical sample box of protein bar on his home in New York. Amazed by the surprise gift from Amazon, he posted a photo on his Twitter account drawing a lot of attention from the public.

Brandon Mullins has been a consistent purchaser of BSN protein powder through Amazon. With his records and history on protein purchases, he is likely the type of customer the company wants to target.

For BSN, the new technique allows them to introduce its latest products based on their customers’ history purchases. Generally, Amazon offers this style to its brand sponsors as a way to boost buying and increase customer satisfaction. However, if you think that this is free, well BSN, although did not disclose how much they paid Amazon, confirmed that a lot of money was involved in delivering door to door samples to every consumer.

Amazon takes the competition into a higher level. From its recommendation style, which offers customers an idea of what to search for a specific product, including items bought by others and trending purchases based on search frequency to today’s sample program.

As the e-giant continues to make history, others argued that this might violate data privacy act in the country. To send target samples to every prospect, the seller should access one’s sensitive data and purchase information which can be used against them once the issue reaches higher grounds.

But, if persistent advertisers do not creep you out in the online world, then it is only reasonable that the company is just strengthening the bond between its consumers and its brands.

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