4 Hidden iPhone Features You Probably Don’t Know To Exist!

Four iPhone hidden features that will blow your mind

Android phones have since bragged about how customizable they are, and the experience can be tailored according to a user’s need while devices running in iOS like iPhones and iPads have since been known for their simplicity.

But, do you know that while iPhone’s UI is indeed simple, there are a lot of things that one can do in their phones that you probably don’t know about?

Yes, there are hidden features that only geeks were able to spot. The good thing is that there’s a community in Reddit that is willing to share those joyous finds for people to maximize their use of their iOS devices.

Now and then Apple sneaks in hidden features in their phones to make people’s life easier. But apparently, they would not unless they know that those features exist. Hence, in this article, we will compile four hidden features in an iPhone that may help users maximize the functionality of their phones.



Here’s the thing. We all know that the iPhone may not be the best phone for you if you want screaming sound as you listen to music. iPhone’s speakers are decent, they’re not as loud and as surround as that of Music-based phones like the Sony Xperia line, but it works.

However, do you know that you can even pump up your volume to 11? If you use your phone’s stereo loudspeakers to listen to music and you find that it doesn’t get loud enough, there’s a setting buried in your iPhone that will crank the volume up to 11. Open the iOS Settings app and scroll down to Music. Then tap on EQ, and select “Late Night.”


Yes, Do-Not-Disturb feature is quite helpful especially if you don’t want to hear notification when you sleep or when you want to concentrate. DND lets your phone continue to receive all those emails, Facebook messages, and everything else that floods your phone, but it remains silent so as not to disturb you.

There are helpful settings in your iPhone’s DND menu. One thing, in particular, is it allows you to turn on and off the DND feature at a specific location. It will enable you to set DND and let the feature run until you leave the said location.

Are you going to watch a movie and you don’t want notifications to swarm your experience? The location-based DND feature uses GPS technology to predict that you have already left a location intelligently. So when you left your bosses’ office, you can immediately receive your notifications without the worry of it to beep now and then while you’re on a meeting.

Just swipe down to open the Control Center on your iPhone, and then 3D Touch the DND icon that looks like a sliver of the Moon (press firmly). You’ll see the menu above pop up, and then you can tap on “Until I leave this location.”


Are you one of those people who put a lot of applications in one folder and has to dig up several apps before they can see which app has a notification as the notif counter says in the folder? Then this next hidden feature is for you.

If you 3D Press (long press) the folder with a notify count, a window will pop showing you which app in the folder has and how many are there that you need to check. You can also directly open the app from the list in the window!


Isn’t it annoying that you play your music or movies to get you to sleep and then wake up with a drained battery because the video and music were playing throughout the duration of your siesta? Or, have you experienced waking up in the middle of your sleep because a sudden scream from the movie you were watching to doze off just came off?

Your iPhone has an option to set a timer to stop movies or music from playing after the timer comes off. Just open the Clock app on your iPhone and tap the Timers tab in the bottom-right corner. Set a timer for however long you’d like, then click the “When Timer Ends” button. Now, scroll to the bottom and select “Stop Playing.”

There are many wonders on your smartphone that you’ve probably missed. If you do discover a new E-U-R-E-K-A moment after uncovering a secret feature, do let us know in the comment section.

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