Suicide Game ‘MOMO Challenge’ Circulating Around YouTube And Instagram Again!

MoMo ChallengeJapanese Character Momo Face

There has been a disturbing character going around the internet challenging viewers to do a ‘MOMO Challenge’which is allegedly a suicide game. The video contains a character that looks very disturbing threatening players to do dangerous orders from it. The challenge goes from easy to difficult until it builds fear that causes players to kill themselves at the end of the game.

The video had already been reported by users to the authorities last year, but it seems like YouTube and Instagram has failed to take it down. There are reports that the video still appears on YouTube videos like Peppa Pig and Fortnite pooping midway through the videos.

Apparently, most victims of the MOMO Challenge are children since it pops on children’s videos. It has been terrifying how this has been circulating on the internet and seemingly going undetected for a time now.

Parents have turned in their reports about how the video had appeared on their child’s YouTube videos warning them that it’s going to kill them. It also made weird and disturbing noises while saying the words “I’m going to kill you,” according to a mother from Swindon. She confirmed how it appeared while the video her child was watching got interrupted by the Momo face.

A Japanese artist created the creepy-looking character, however, did not have any links to the suicide challenge. The artist’s character is now being used for the said MOMO Challenge probably because of its appearance.

The MOMO Challenge threatens its players that it (the Japanese character) will hurt them and their families if they do not obey or go through the self-harming game. After appearing in videos, it directs them to WhatsApp where it can communicate through voice and video messaging to its players.

Last year in Colombia, two children have already committed suicide after being challenged by the game.

Despite multiple reports on this game, YouTube and Instagram still have it even with enough pieces of evidence from people posting photos about the game on social media.

People on the internet have been warning other parents who allow their children to go on screen-time without proper supervision and have also been sharing their experiences with it.

Meanwhile, YouTube and Instagram stated that such contents are not allowed to be on their sites and are doing their best to take down these accounts that contain dangerous activities. They also encouraged their users to report if they come across such videos immediately.

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