Samsung Sees A Bright Future For iPhone And Pixel Foldable Phones

Samsung sees bright future for Apple iPhones

A new era of smartphones has come after both Samsung and Huawei have launched their versions of a foldable smartphone earlier this year. Although Huawei’s Mate X may seem to have better specs than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, that doesn’t mean that Samsung is not poised to lead the market of foldable smartphones.

Unlike Huawei and Apple (who also announced its plan to release a foldable phone after 2020), Samsung develops its own display. As a matter of fact, Samsung Display is already the market leader for OLED phone screens. That is why it is not surprising that the Korean company is ready to support foldable iPhones and Pixel phones in the near future. Reports even suggest that Samsung has already sent samples of their foldable screens to Apple and Google earlier this year.

Apple is expected to launch its own version of a foldable phone in the near future; however, reports suggest that it will not be sooner than 2020. The latest iPhone launch, the iPhone XS, still carries the design and specs of older versions of iPhone X series.

On the other hand, Google has started working with Samsung on optimizing Android for flagship handsets and plans to develop a third operating system (like iOS and Android) that will work on any device – including foldable phones.

Samsung was said to be interested in partnering with Google and Apple on its journey to lead the market for foldable phone displays. The global tech leader has reportedly supplied Apple with a 7.2-inch foldable display screen for iPhones. It is a 0.1-inch smaller than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Rumors have it that Samsung also sent Google with samples as well.

“We know that Samsung Display has supplied a set of foldable drives to Apple and Google in order to fully expand its folder-based display business and uncover customers,” an industry source familiar with the Samsung Foldable Display said.

In response to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold launching, Huawei, another global smartphone leader, launched on Sunday its Mate X smartphone, as it teased the arrival of its photography-focused P30 Series in March.

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Shenzen-based, Huawei prided and highlighted its 5G technology. The company is now the second largest smartphone maker in the world.

As global sales for smartphones declined, Huawei and global market leader Samsung are racing to innovate smartphones in their bid to be the best.

Studies have suggested that users nowadays are holding on to their handsets longer and are avoiding the yearly upgrade cycle.

The Mate X can be folded out to reveal an 8-inch near the borderless screen with no notch and no punch holes for the camera. According to Huawei’s consumer business CEO Richard Yu, the device would be the fastest 5G device upon release.

The 6.6-inch Mate X folds out to reveal an 8-inch near borderless screen. Huawei said it would be the fastest 5G device upon release.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold which unfolds to reveal a tablet-like screen while keeping a smaller smartphone-style panel one half of the device, The Mate X’s entire screen is visible even when folded.

Samsung, however, is not interested in making the foldable display technology exclusive. It is the same strategy the company used with Galaxy A series, and it’s Note lines.

A report revealed that Samsung executives are having dialogues with Huawei and Oppo, Chinese smartphone manufacturers, to offer the new foldable screen tech that they have developed to those phone companies.

Currently, Samsung can manufacture around 200 thousand foldable display units every month, which in total can produce more than 2.4 million units every year. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone is not expected to exceed one million units this year as the tech giant is still testing the market for foldable phones.

Samsung executives, on the other hand, said that they could expand their production to ten million per year if they see that there is actual demand for foldable display smartphones.

It is still unclear if Apple and Google are indeed releasing their own versions of foldable display smartphones, but one thing is for sure: Samsung is ready to support iPhones and Pixel phones when the time comes. This makes Samsung excited for the future of smartphones. /apr

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