Netflix Originals To Watch Out On The First Week Of March!

Netflix movies on MarchUpcoming movies this March on Netflix!

Netflix offers a monthly variety of original movies and March this year is an excellent time to binge on it. The American media company has confirmed 60 new Netflix originals for its users are starting March 1. It is going to be another season for your favorite shows and other entertainment properties. The company also guarantees a mix of solid originals that people are going to love more and more.

Netflix also contains movies and shows that are available for every user as options to watch. And according to studies, the company has lessened the risks of movie piracy ever since it started streaming movies online which is a piece of good news for the media industry.

On the start of March, two Netflix originals, Losers, and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind will already be available. The documentary Loserstalks about people who have lost games, awards and other competitions throughout history. It focuses on people who have poured so much in the things they are passionate about but unfortunately lost the battle. But these people will teach us a lesson on such circumstances.

Also on March 1, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind directed by and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, is a dramatic story about a boy living in Malawi a village that has been attacked by a famine. The film had positive reviews at the start of the year during Sundance.

For those who are into political thrillers, March 6 is the day for a new season (Season 2) of Secret City: Under the Eagle. The show premiered last year in June which also gained positive reviews.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some shows with supernatural powers and a little bit of magic, Netflix will be airing out the first season of The Order, starring a first-year college student getting involved in a secret society that will soon battle against some evil werewolves. It will be available on March 7, Thursday.

On the weekend of the first week of March will be four new shows on Netflix: After Life dark and at the same time a funny show starring Ricky Gervais; Formula 1: Drive to Survive, a documentary of fame, glory and fortune about dedicated drivers of Formula 1 racing; Immortals, a series show about a modern-day vampire for all vampire show fans out there; lastly, Shadow, an action show, police force drama adding up to Netflix’s originals.

There is still a lot to look out for the whole month of March 2019. Get ready to Netflix and chill!

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