Monet X Change Cancelled And Fired From Haters Roast, Throw Shade At Producer

Monet Xchange leaving Haters Roast Show for a Madonna music video

A lot of the RuPaul’s Drag Race fans were disappointed when Monet X Change, the winner (one of the winners) of RPDR All-Star 4, was not able to perform. Fans were also quick to notice the disappointment in other queen’s expression during the show due to the absence of Monet.

According to the show’s producers, M&P Presents, Monet X Change left Denver and the production to film for a Madonna music video.

“Yesterday Monet X Change arrived in Denver to appear on our show. Sometime during the afternoon, we’re told she received a phone call from Madonna with an offer to be in an upcoming music video. Monet asked MP if it would be ok to leave the tour to accept the offer. We said no because it was too short notice to replace her on Haters. Just hours before the show was to start and without telling anyone including the other queens on the Denver show, Monet left the venue and flew to LA to accept Madonna’s offer,” the production wrote in its official Instagram account.

Screenshot from @mppresents / Instargram

Because of Monet’s left the show without prior notice, the management has decided to cancel all her bookings for future 2019 Haters Roast show.

In the middle of the drama, Monet threw shade at the M&P management as she promotes her other tours.

Monet continued throwing jabs at the management and went even to say that fans and other queens think that the production is trash.

Furthermore, Monet defended her side by tweeting: “Also, in my post drag race career…I have only had to reschedule five dates, and they were all due to All-Stars filming obligations. I LOVE my fans/supporters and try to honor you guys as best as I can.”

Many queens and sisters of Monet have defended the queen against the management.

PhiPhi O’Hara, a queen from Season 4 and All-Stars 2, said that she values integrity over money as a caption to a screenshot of a text message that supposedly invites her to replace Monet.

Kim Chi, another queen also expressed her sentiments in reply to Monet’s tweet.

Yesterday, as part of her solidarity to her All-Stars 4 co-winner, Trinity the Tuck announced that she also left the Hater Roast show.

“After [the situation with CeeJay], I could no longer morally support a company that would fire someone over something like that,” Trinity said. “It made me think of my grandmother and what if I was in that situation.” She added that she wishes MP well and hopes “nothing but the best for them.”

As a response, M&P’s Ceejay Hodgson said that Trinity’s announcement ‘blindsided’ them.

“We have absolutely no idea why Trinity quit nor has she or her management team offered any specific reason except to say in an email to us; ‘I am so sorry about this. We will help you find a replacement if you need one,'” he wrote. He said that they “hold her in high regard” and that she recently asked to be the host of their upcoming A Drag Queen Christmas production. “We remain hopeful that Trinity honors her contractual obligations with our company when she rejoins the tour next week. We have nothing but love for The Tuck.”

This is not the first time that a queen was kicked off the production of Haters Roast. Last year, Season 7 and All-Stars 2’s Ginger Minj was canceled in all her 40 bookings for canceling seven shows for a shooting engagement. Minj said that their contract stipulates an ‘out clause’ that allows touring queens to get out of the contract on specific dates and go back after their done with something else. The management reportedly denied the ‘out clause’ and preceded with replacing Minj with Darien Lake.

Monet X Change and Trinity the Tuck made Drag Race history after they won on a tie in the recently concluded RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 4. /apr

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