March App Updates From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, And More That You Might Have Missed!

Some of the major updates on social media platforms you might have missed this March

The reliance of society on apps have created an ever-changing industry and has opened new opportunities for tech startups to make it big by launching new useful apps now and then.

For popular applications, tech companies are racing towards who get to release a feature and so. That’s why our apps keep on updating now and then. In most cases, we almost not feel the new update because it’s so minimal that it doesn’t matter to us.

But they’re there, and they are designed to make our lives a little bit better.



Users have been so used to Facebook Messenger being white and blue, but the tech giant is trying to change that. Recently the app has released a new update to allow users to change their FB Messenger screens to black.

It’s tricky, however. The new update has to be unlocked, and it cannot be seen in the app’s settings dock. Before a user can turn on the ‘dark mode,’ a user has to unlock it by sending a moon emoji to mother account. A message will prompt after that to ask you if you want to switch to ‘dark mode.’

The ‘dark mode’ has its benefits aside from not straining your eyes during night time when background lights are turned off. The new feature actually allows the phone to save battery light by emitting lesser light than the traditional white background.


Twitter has announced that the social media platform will now allow users to hide replies to a Tweet. This feature was first noticed by the famous software unpacker Jane Manchun Wong and has said that this new feature rollout is a drastic change on how conversations in the platform will be controlled by users.

Although the new update will not allow users to hide a specific comment on a tweet permanently, it will make it hard for followers to the said comment that was ‘hidden.’

The feature would let you tap the “share” icon on Twitter and choose “hide Tweet” to close down replies. From there, other users would have to click through to see the responses on a tweet, instead of seeing them automatically. There also appears to be an option to view all tweets you’ve hidden in the past and manually unhide them if you want to reopen replies at some point in the future.


Instagram has started rolling out in-app local business profiles in its platform that shows local businesses in the same manner Google local knowledge panels work.

The update will show users who have recently searched for a location and tapped the ‘View Information’ button an extensive list of local businesses in the area. They have the business address, hours, contact information, and website.

Those businesses are connected to Facebook businesses in the area, and a business-owner can ‘claim’ a page if he owns the FB business page. He then can edit the information shown in the IG business profile.


The world famous messaging application WhatsApp has recently rolled out their ‘Advanced Search’ feature in its platform allowing users to search for media like photos, links, GIF images, and even videos. This is a step up from its basic search feature that allows users to search for texts.

However, the update is only available for iPhone Users, and the company is planning to launch the feature to Android users soon.


In early February, Viber launched the latest revision of its mobile messaging application on iOS and Android, version 10. The new update includes a new and improved user interface (UI), which is the first significant update to the app’s software in the last four years. According to the company, Viber Messenger 10 comes with a fresh look and enhanced connectivity options with additional privacy measures.

The new Viber have improved the quality of its text messaging with the ability to send messages twice as fast as before. Moreover, voice and video calls have been given a quality boost to become crystal clear. The new version of the app sports a fresh and bright header. The chat list is streamlined to display convenient access to all private and group chats, communities, and favorite public content.

The new update includes a new “Call” screen that contains recent call logs and contacts, together with the display of Viber Out balance and subscriptions shown at the top of the screen. The company also announced that a group calling feature that would soon be rolled out to all users. This feature will allow users to initiate a group voice call with up to five people.

In an attempt to improve security in the app’s public chats, Viber 10 includes a “Hidden-number Chats” option in the communities section. The company said that it is intended to “encourage spontaneous interactions among new social networking contacts while keeping the actual contact information hidden to protect the privacy of the participants.”

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