Toot or Boot: RPDR S11 Entrance Looks


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 has premiered Thursday, and the world has seen the fifteen competing queens for the first time in the runway.

The main challenge was interesting, but as a superfan, I really think that entrance looks are what sets the contestant apart from each other.

The entrance looks through time has evolved as the art of drag progress with more up-to-date fashion and with better makeup materials available.

I am very excited to TOOT and BOOT their entrance looks because as I have seen them in the show, there are great ones and a few that I don’t like.

Here are the competing queen’s entrance look and what I think of them:


World Of Wonder

The first thing to say about this outfit is that it is very polished. It’s really a determinant that A’Keria has been doing drag for quite a long time and she knows what works for her body and what would not. I really love the details of this cocktail dress, and it’s very fishy. The metallic effect is just outstanding, and I am really excited to see what else she has in her luggage for us to see. TOOT!


World Of Wonder

I don’t get this. I feel like the dress is eating her up and it’s also an inadequate representation of her drag in general. I have seen her on Instagram and other events, and I know that she can turn looks, but this one is just a miss. BOOT!


World Of Wonder

Girl, she’s here to let everyone know that she’s former Miss Continental Queen and she’s not playing around. She came in with a fashion-forward version of a Canadian police officer, and she did not disappoint her hometown. My only problem is that the hat is a little out of place with all the shimmer in her dress and boots. Maybe a little embellishment in the hat would have been better, but this is a definite TOOT!


World Of Wonder

Hmm, I’m kind of over with the bee-inspired aesthetics but I will give her a pass coz she’s named Honey, and she’s also Monet Xchange’s drag mother. I really love this outfit, but I don’t really like the waist area. I feel like it should have been more pronounced and a different fabric should have been used. Nonetheless, this outfit is cute, and the waist area is not much of a distraction for me, so TOOT!


World Of Wonder

I’m not really a fan of this look. Girl, your arm is so pronounced, and you should cover it up. It looks so manly (which is okay if you’re doing an androgynous drag) but if you’re going for fish, don’t show those twink muscles. It’s hot when you’re a guy but distracting if you’re trying to be a woman (I don’t say women shouldn’t be vascular tho)! BOOT!


World Of Wonder

Yaaaasl this is a vision. White with diamonds is always pleasing to the eyes. Plus those fox tails? Girl! This look has absolutely shown what Mercedes’ drag is – elegant and pageant. TOOT!


World Of Wonder

This yellow ensemble is actually one of my most favorite among all the entrance looks. It’s such a statement. I also really love that she looks like your auntie in your uncle’s funeral but in yellow is giving me all the gag that I need from such a veteran queen like Nina. My favorite part in this outfit is her shoe – which actually matches her collar. Attention to details! TOOT!


World Of Wonder

She’s probably the most beautiful queen to have ever walked in the work room. But I’m kind of tired of this silhouette. She also did this in her main challenge dress and her meet the queen’s promo. Nonetheless, it’s clean, so I will still TOOT it, but girl, stop.


World Of Wonder

I’m not mad, but I’m not also into it. And that hair? No. BOOT!


World Of Wonder

One thing: Gorgeous! Although I’m kind of distracted with how she drew her boobs and that ball hanging in front of her private part. But it’s more TOOTABLE than it is bootable.


World Of Wonder

Well, if I have not known that she’s just started doing drag one and a half year ago, I can’t say that. This look is so polished, and I love that hair. TOOT!


World Of Wonder

If you’re a big queen, you have to know what works for your body. And Silky definitely knows how to make illusions work for her. These three separate pieces are gorgeous together. The pants are also the highlight of this look even if she has a fur coat on her. I really don’t like the construction of the bra tho, but TOOT!


World Of Wonder

I get that she’s going for that martial arts thing as a homage to her hometown, South Korea, but I don’t understand why this is her entrance look. Wouldn’t you want to feminize that a little more, sis? BOOT!


World Of Wonder

Hmmm, I like that it is red and simple and polished, but I hate those body glitters. Why girl, why? TOOT, nonetheless.


World Of Wonder

Okay, I have so many feelings about this look. First, I love her mug and hair and her upper torso. Second, I don’t like the cut of the dress, it’s weird, and it makes her look like she’s so thin. Lastly, I live for that remote controlled car. TOOT!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have any qualifications to judge their outfit whatsoever, but I still did it anyway, who cares!

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