Sketchers Ad Threw Jabs To Nike Over Zion Williamson Incident

Skechers throw shade at Nike on latest campaign

People said that a company’s blunder is another’s a fortune and it rang true for Nike after competitor brands had capitalized in its latest faux pas when NBA Draft prospect Zion Williamson broke his knee after his Nike shoe broke during a much-anticipated game causing his team to lose.

Since the incident, Nike has received criticism online, and now Skechers has joined the roasting. Today, March 3, the California-based shoe brand released an ad in The New York Times’ Sunday edition which reads “Just Blew It.” The play on Nike’s slogan is followed by “Skechers – We won’t split on you.” The ad shows an image of the offending sneakers, torn through at the sole in precisely the same way as Williamson’s pair. Skechers also placed the ad in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

Skechers is not the only Nike competitor who threw jabs at Nike’s recent blunder. PUMA, another footwear brand, said in a now-deleted tweet that the incident ‘wouldn’t have happened in puma,’ showing a picture of Williamson as he was taken off the court.

On February 22, Zion Williamson, a 6-foot-7-inch freshman forward for the Duke Blue Devils, anticipated to be the top 2019 NBA Draft pick, was reported to have been injured with a mild sprain to his right knee due to the incident, according to his coach Mike Krzyzewski.

A closeup video replay showed Williamson slipping and crumpling to the ground, clutching his knee in pain. His left shoe is seen split in half, with part of the sole ripped off the base of the sneaker.

Because of the injury, Williamson did not return to play in the match-up causing the no. 1-ranked Duke to lose 72-88 to the no. 8-ranked Tar Heels team.

“We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery,” Nike said in a statement. “The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance. While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue.”

According to the report, sales of the famous sports apparel brand closed down 1%, a day after the incident, causing some $1.46 billion loss from Nike’s market capitalization since Wednesday’s close.

According to Reuters, Williamson was wearing the Nike PG 2.5 basketball shoe when he was injured. This specific shoe line was launched in the summer of 2018 and costs around $95-$105.

Many celebrities and athletes have commented on the issue, putting the shoe brand in another social media fiasco that also happened during a game attended by past President Barack Obama.

This is not the only time that a Nike shoe broke in the last two weeks. Only recently, it’s Adapt BB model that ambitiously claimed as the first fusion of technology and sportswear have reportedly not worked which pissed customers.

People’s shoes are crashing after Nike app stopped working. Nike’s new Adapt BB shoes have received salutations after it’s released days ago and were dubbed as the future of sneakers. The shoes use futuristic technology to allow them to be precisely tightened up automatically, without any shoelaces or other input.

This function can only be controlled using the Nike App. All the user need to do is to slip on the shoe and wait for the motors to do the work of tightening them up, in a way shoelaces would traditionally work. They use much the same technology that allowed Nike to recreate the self-lacing shoes from Back To The Future in a limited run.

However, the feature started to stop working after the app that is available in Android and iOS, stopped syncing with the sneakers. The shoes are still wearable tho; they just won’t work in the way that they are intended.

The problems have caused a storm of one-star ratings and reviews on the Google Play Store for Nike App, as customers express their disappointment over the crashing shoes.

The shoes do have manual controls, meaning that people can lean down and tie them up. But that doesn’t make sense if you pay a hefty amount of money for a technology that doesn’t work. /apr

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