Palms Casino Resort Unveiled The Most Expensive Hotel Suite In The World

The Worlds Most Expensive Hotel SuitePhoto By: flipchip/creativecommons/CC BY-SA 3.0

The public can now stay at the Damien Hirst Empathy Suite for a whopping price of $200,000 for a minimum two-night stay.

The Damien Hirst is taking luxury to another level in Las Vegas. Craving art fanatics? Look no further than the 34th-floor Palms Casino Resort Sky Villa to find some very expensive artistic pain relief, courtesy of Damien Hirst.

Touted as the world’s most expensive hotel room, you will have to sign up for a minimum of two nights at a total of $200,000 with a $10,000 deposit to see the multitude of original works as well as design elements, custom furnishings and textiles created by the Hirst for this space. 

Hirst, the british artist who designed the suite, embellishes the room with unique art works sprawled across the entire suite. Discover an Advil window decal, a Valium emblem stitched into a dining room chair and a host of other prescriptions strewn around the 9,000-square-foot space in the form of bathroom stools, well-organized, oversized pharmacy cabinets and a 13-seat curved bar top filled with medical waste.

The room includes two master bedrooms, massage rooms and two and a half bathrooms. There is also a cantilevered Jacuzzi with mosaic inlaid butterflies overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and pill decals on the surrounding glass. The bar is outrageously designed to accommodate 52 guests with unique furniture designed by Hirst. Everything follows a butter fly theme.

“I love what Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta have done with the Palms. It’s amazing being able to work with them because they are great collectors and totally understand art,” says Damien Hirst. “They have allowed me to create a suite in the hotel and design everything and completely fill it with my art.”

While the representations of drugs could be interpreted as a cheeky stab at Las Vegas’ city of sin reputation, this motif, which Hirst made iconic in his legendary London restaurant, Pharmacy, is pop art at its core, using recognizable, everyday objects to convey the narrative that art by its very nature heals, while playing on themes of decay and preservation.

Pharmaceuticals aren’t the only Hirst theme present — laser-cut butterflies and sky/clouds flutter throughout, skulls emerge, colors spin, and wall coverings in the bathrooms, exercise room, spa, and pantry, as well as the millwork and the dresser drawers, are lined in pills, said in an article by The Hollywood Reporter.

The Sky Villas are originally designed by Bentel & Bentel architects. All the other five villas they designed ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 per night. However, the Fertittas gave Hirst the creative freedom to design the sixth Sky Villa to his satisfaction.

Though, Hirst found ways to incorporate Bentel & Bentel’s designs to his work.

Hirst’s team have developed 6 upscale projects commissioned specifically for the space throughout the many months while he was creating the suite.

An all-new work created in 2018: Winner/Loser, features two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde in a white tank set into the suite’s wall; “Casino Royale” is a 10-panel collection of Hirst’s butterfly motifs on monochrome gloss-painted canvases; a Medicine Cabinet called “Vegas” hangs from a prominent wall; “The Winner Takes It All” fills a translucent cabinet with symmetrically lined cubic zirconias; Money exhibits a translucent cabinet filled with symmetrically lined pills; and “Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time,” hanging directly above the center bar, showcases two vitrines, one containing a marlin skeleton, the other a taxidermied marlin.

The suite is reserved for million-dollar casino playes and includes24-hour butler service, a private behind-the-scenes tour of the Palms collection, chauffeured car service, a $10,000 credit to use at the resort, and celebrity-style access to venues such as KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub, the Pearl Concert Theater, and the famed on-property recording studio.

Palms will complete its $690 million renovation this year and has added an unrivaled publicly displayed collection of contemporary, blue chip and street art with works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Jason REVOK, Dustin Yellin, Takashi Murakami and KAWS, among many others. 

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