What To Expect In The Upcoming Sony PS5?

Sony PlayStationLet the game begin.

After years and years of speculations about having an upgrade from Sony PS4 to PS5, finally, it is time that the predictions turn into reality.

Avid video game players are for sure on hype right now after Sony has finally announced that they are finally launching the most awaited PS5. We all know that it took them a long time after they released their PS4, but it seems like it is worth the wait as the PS5 is expected to blow our minds away because of its unexpected and surprising features.

When we say unexpected and surprising features, the first thing Sony wants the PS5 to have its focus on the multiplayer classic. Yes, they have it on some of the games played in their PlayStation like sports and racing. But, with the upgrade of technology, specifically the internet becoming more and more faster than before, Sony wants to engage their new PS5 into a multiplayer gaming experience.

Aside from that, there is a strong rumor that the PS5 console is expected to have backward compatibility. After the successful initiation of Xbox on backward compatibility, it is likely that Sony will also do the same in their upcoming PS5. This upgrade could mean that the PS5 will be compatible to all PS4 or even beyond that version. It will be very cool if it will happen. For sure, a lot of videogame players will be attracted and tempted to purchase once Sony decided to release their newest version of PlayStation.

But when are they really going to release it? Will they release it this time? When Sony executive, Shawn Layden, gave some statements of their plans for their PlayStation and what to expect from them, it is clear that they are up to something big that will make us more excited.

Shawn Layden also announced that they would not be joining in the upcoming E3 Expo this year as they do not have much to show to the gamers. According to Shawn, they want to focus and be prepared for their big revelation, to give people great satisfaction when purchasing their next big item. But, expect them to be present in the next year’s E3 Expo as they will be ready on giving new surprises on that upcoming year’s event.

From what Shaw Layden have said, we can assume that PS5 is coming very soon and this time, it is for real. Well, let us all find out their official announcement which is reportedly within this year, and the release of the new PlayStation will be revealed in 2020.

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