Victim’s Family Mourns Philly Family Murder, Shocked By Mother-Daughter Crime

Victim's Family Mourns Philly Family Murder, Shocked By Mother-Daughter Crime

Family mourns over the death of five of their relatives after they were found dead in their apartment in Philadelphia, Monday morning.

CBS Philly, a local news outlet in Philadelphia, reported that the crime has friends, relatives, and neighbors beside each other.

Two members of the Decree family, Shana and Dominque were arrested and charged with five counts of murder after killing Shana Decree’s children — 25-year-old Naa’Irah Smith, and 13-year-old Damon Decree Jr. — as well as her sister, 42-year-old Jamilla Campbell, and Campbell’s 9-year-old twin daughters, Imani, and Erika Allen.

Nicole Owens, whose daughter is a cousin of the victims said that she was shocked by the incident. “I didn’t have nothing bad to say about neither one of them; it’s shocking.”

“Well, I could not imagine losing any of my children or any relative of that age, that they never got a chance to meet in life. To be a teenager,” added Owens. “But they were so respectful little girls. They were always smiling and speaking and just jolly twins. They always stuck together. They were a close-knit family. Really close, really close.”

Destiny Harris, the twins’ half-sister, said the news knocked the wind out of her.

“My heart, I couldn’t breathe, to be honest,” said Harris. “I just miss my sisters; that’s it.”

Authorities said that as of the moment, several elements of the crime are still unclear to them.

They said that on Saturday, a social worker stopped by for a wellness check and after receiving no response, left a business card in the door.

That card was still in the door when she returned Monday and again got no response. She asked a maintenance man to let her in, and they made the grisly discovery.

Toya Nelson, another cousin of the victim, spoke about the incident on her YouTube channel. She said that the family has been hibernating, talking tongues, and cutting everybody off following a cult-like lifestyle they adopted from a YouTube video. She also claimed that both Shana and Dominique are both spiritually possessed.

Police say it was their understanding the suspects and victims all lived together in the apartment with another teen boy who has since been found unharmed. /apr

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