Smart Is The New Sexy: Pikachu As The Newest Detective In Town

Smart is the new sexy, the coming of Detective PikachuPhoto by: Yoshikazu TAKADA/Flickr

The good old days gave us the most adorable Pikachu as Nintendo released the very first Pokémon game in Japan, known as “Pokémon Red and Blue” on February 27, 1996. The release has become what we all know as the “Pokémon Day,” where fans recollect video games and buy Pokémon apparells.

Today, the cutest Pokémon will be taking a new role in the field of entertainment. Now a talking Pikachu voiced by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, the Pokémon franchise will be giving away something that’s different from the classic anime character we grew to love – a taste of live action and comedy.

Taking a look at the film’s trailer, who would’ve thought that the most adorable Pokémon in the world will be dealing with the bad guys? I mean, his anime character in the Pokémon series aims to defeat the Pokémonsters, but this time, he is set on a real world like a smarty detective holding a magnifying glass for real!

How is Benedict Cumberbatch role as Sherlock Holmes threaten by the newest detective in town?

Sherlock’s character is too serious, eccentric, and very intelligent. But, Pikachu in the movie is hilariously wise-cracking, funny, and comical. The thing is, both are smart, and girls love guys who know how things work. After all, I believe that “smart is the new sexy.” (*wink)

For those who haven’t watched the trailer, here are some of my takeaways.

So the story starred Pikachu who had lost his memory and decided to help Tim Goodman (portrayed by Justice Smith) figured out what happened to his father, detective Harry Goodman. He will aid in the investigation as Detective Pikachu. As the two became the dynamic duo, they will join forces on a fun-filled adventure and unravel the truth behind Goodman’s mystery.

Chasing bad guys and having trouble in finding clues through the Ryme City, a modern metropolis where humans and Pokemon live, as well as, interact together in a real-live action world. As the story progresses, both will encounter a shocking plot that could destroy everything including the peaceful co-existence of humans and Pokémon and might threaten the whole Pokémon universe.

Aside from Pikachu, you will encounter not just one, but a diverse cast of Pokemon characters such as Charizard, Bulbasaur (*my personal favorite), Greninja, Mr. Mime, Snorlax, Morelull, Evee, and Aipom. One of the biggest surprises of this movie is the appearance of Mewtwo, the supervillain who will undoubtedly spice up the film and will eventually build significant hype in Pokémon fandom.

If you ask me, how much of the trailer reveals what will happen in the story? Well, not much! But, fans are cringing when the most famous ability of Pikachu has shown in the movie, known as “Volt Tackle.” In early Pokemon games, you have to go through a series of hard levels to earn this particular move, but the movie depicts otherwise. Detective Pikachu just ran towards his foe while gathering a massive amount of electricity then shoved it to his opponent.

Maybe it’s too weird to see a Pokémon appeared alongside real-life human beings and as bizarre when they start to talk. Also, the movie makes the characters look like lesser of a Pokémon than their anime counterparts as it interact with people. You are unlikely to give them a big hug with their scruffy look, well except for Pikachu (*he is too fluffy to resist).

I think Pikachu is already setting the trend to other anime characters which usually gets featured in video games and anime series, an opportunity in international movies. This is a breakthrough in the world of anime where good story plots are usually created. If other creators would be given a chance to highlight its own story on big screens, then there will be a diverse set of films to choose from for anime lovers.

“I need a hero,” the song says as the trailer comes to an end and you might be wondering how our newest detective will uncover hidden mysteries in the movie. Or, what other surprises and tricks this film will offer that we never know yet until Pikachu and other Pokémon invade the cinemas on May 10.

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