Robots Are Getting Ready To Take Over, INNFOS Unveiled XR-1 Cloud Service Robot

INNFOS recently unveiled and demonstrated their newest XR-1 cloud service robot to the public at the annual industry conference, Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona.

It may not be long until we start seeing robots in every household with the XR-1 finally introduced to the public. With the demonstrations of greeting, coffee serving, dancing, Q&A, and even, needle threading.

XR-1 is a five-feet-two-inch machine powered by the HARIX cloud platform from CloudMinds with the support of the super-fast 5G technology and the unique SCA developed by INNFOS.

David Klinkon, director of business development and partner enablement for CloudMinds, tells Inverse,“Our mission is to have a robot in every house by 2025,” Klinkon explains that the XR-1 could help older people with carrying out household chores and lifting up heavy objects.

The HARIX cloud platform supports the XR-1. It enables advanced conversations through Pepper, the customer service bot, and accomplish tasks via its lidar, 2D and 3D cameras and a microphone array. Visual and auditory inputs are processed through the 34 SCAs fitted into the joints. Each joint has its own IP address. In simple terms means the machine can work like a giant network of computers.

Klinkon says, “on the other end of the robot, there’s a person remote controlling the robot with sensors on their fingers, VR headset. They can actually manage and control that robot from a remote location, which is the key for 5G.”

Meanwhile, the Smart Compliant Actuators (SCA) fitted into the joints, independently developed by INNFOS is the reason why XR-1 can achieve safe and intelligent human-machine interactions, and can be resistant to impacts while retaining its functionalities of a high-precision robot.

The XR-1 is set to join CloudMinds’ existing lineup of bots, which includes a service delivery robot that can assist in hotels and a security robot with facial recognition capabilities. Unfortunately, pricing for these robots varies depending on the implementation, and there is currently no price tag available for the XR-1.

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