LA Judge Grants Chloe Goins’ Motion To Depose Bill Cosby In Prison

Bill Cosby Chloe Goins

A Los Angeles court judge has ruled in favor of model and beauty queen Chloe Goins Wednesday, February 27, to depose the shamed 81 years old comedian, Bill Cosby inside the prison.

In a report published by Radar Online, an international entertainment news outlet, the hearing on the motion filed by Goins happened in Santa Monica Courthouse in Los Angeles and presided by Judge Mark A. Young. The judge, however, denied Goin’s additional request to place a $5,000 sanction on Cosby for his previous refusal to be deposed.

Although America’s Dad, a title earned by the renowned comedian through his old TV show, The Cosby Show, is serving a three to a ten-year prison sentence in the sexual assault of ex-basketball player and academe administrator Andrea Constand in 2004. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Lawrence Cho allowed a civil lawsuit filed against Bill Cosby by Goins to Proceed.

In a testimony, Goins alleges that the previous disgraced the Medal of Honor recipient has drugged her during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. She added that she awoke with a sticky feeling in her body as if she was licked in different sensitive parts.

Chloe Goins, 28, has filed two separate motions to conduct a deposition on Bill Cosby. The two actions filed on October 17, 2018, and November 14, 2018, were both dismissed.

Cosby’s legal team has said that conducting a deposition inside the Pennsylvania prison, where Bill is currently incarcerated, is “overly burdensome” and the team of Goins has no sufficient evidence to prove that a deposition is necessary.

Following the dismissal of the earlier motions, Goin’s team filed a request for an emergency order to compel Cosby and his lawyers to conduct the deposition. However, amidst the persistence of Goin, the ex parte motion was also denied.


On January 31, 2019, Goins once again filed a motion requesting the court to allow her lawyers to depose Bill Cosby in his prison on April 22 and April 23 and to send a court stenographer to record the position while being taped in a video.

According to Los Angeles Judge, Mark Young, the motion filed by Goins have provided a proper time frame for the deposition and that Bill Cosby’s rejection of the conduct of it has no grounds, therefor ruling in Goin’s favor.

In August 2018, a schedule was released for the summary judgment if Goins lawsuit against the award-winning actor but her legal team requested an extension because “Cosby is uncooperative.”

They said that Bill Cosby refused to be deposed and he refused to turn over any documents pertinent to the case.

“Defendant Cosby will not be sentenced until September 24-25, 2018, and most likely is refusing to answer the discovery on the grounds that it may incriminate him or aggravate his sentencing,” Goins claims.

Another factor that could have contributed to the delay in Cosby’s deposition is the turmoil that is happening within his legal team. In late 2018, the law firm that is handling his case sued Cosby for $282 thousand plus interest for unpaid legal fees.

Cosby said that neither him nor his lead criminal attorney, Thomas Mesereau, “or any other authorized representative directed or requested that Plaintiff perform legal work totaling $183,000.00 over the short period of two months. Indeed, and by Plaintiff’s admission, Plaintiff served as Cosby’s counsel of record, and Attorney Mesereau served as lead criminal defense counsel. Consequently, the overwhelming majority of the legal work was performed by Mr. Mesereau and his team.”

For the last five decades of his career, Cosby has been accused by more than sixty women of raping, drugging, sexually abusing, assaulting, and battering them.

The most successful of these allegations is the case filed by Andrea Constand, where Cosby is sentenced to three to ten years in prison for sexually assaulting the ex-basketball player in 2004.


Amid the circumstances in his imprisonment, Cosby has previously told reporters through his spokesperson Richard Wyatt, that his incarceration is an ‘amazing experience’.

Interestingly, Bill Cosby has also expressed no remorse for the crimes he was convicted for and has said that his imprisonment is politically motivated liking himself to political prisoners in the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

“I now have a temporary residence that resembles the quarters of some of the Greatest Political Prisoners – Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Randal Robinson, and Dr. Benjamin Chavis. I stand upright as a Political Prisoner, and I Smile,” he said.

“I was given a deal; I settled out of court for $3.8 million; I waived my 5th amendment rights; I was declared Not Guilty in 2005 by the Commonwealth — never charged. However, a low-life District Attorney and a corrupt Judge needed me Guilty now. Not for justice, but for their political aspirations.” /apr

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