Shana And Dominique Decree We’re Possessed By Spirits – A Relative Claimed In Vlog

A woman who claimed to be the cousin of the slain family in Borough, Philadelphia said in a YouTube video earlier today, that Shana and Dominique Decree were taken over by spirits, making them kill their relatives.

In a YouTube video posted by Finesse Queen’s Scene owned by a certain Toya M. Nelson, a woman identifying as a cousin of the victims of Shana and Dominique Decree said that her cousins were killed by spirits who ‘entered their home, entered their [Shana and Dominque Decree] body, entered their spirits’.

Nelson revealed that the family has started to practice a cult-like lifestyle that she described as ‘similar to Hebrew-Israelites study’.

The Decree family has since started to isolate themselves, speak in tongues and gibberish, and cut off contact with anybody outside their apartment, Nelson added. She also said that DJ, one of the victims were not going to school for weeks.

She said that their mother, Shana Decree, made her children hibernate inside their houses as part of their belief, that she said the family followed from watching YouTube videos.

Additionally, she claimed that she called the Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Borough police department to report about what is happening to the Decree apartment.

A wellness check was conducted by the authorities but said they “seemed to be okay; everybody seems to be okay,” Nelson added.

Because of this, according to Toya Nelson’s Vlog, everybody is now sharing the guilt over the death of five of her relatives – including the police.

On Monday, five bodies were found dead in the Decree apartment, three of which are children. The victims are two of children of Shana Decree, sister Jamilla Campbell, and Jamilla’s nine-year-old twins. Shana Decree and daughter, Dominique were charged with five counts of homicide and a count each for conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Nelson also pointed out that the GoFund.Me account set-up for the decree family was not from their family and asked those who want to help them to contact Damon or Shakira Decree. /apr

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