Pakistan’s PM, Imran Khan: ‘Let’s Settle This With Talks’

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to settle conflicts with talksPhoto By: Jamshed001/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, appealed for a peaceful resolution of the near-war confrontation between India and Pakistan after Indian fighter jets dropped bombs in a Jaish-controlled camp in Balakot, Pakistan.

The tension between the two countries quickly escalated after Pakistani forces were reported to open fire to Indian soldiers as a response to the air strike that India has called “non-military” and “pre-emptive.”

Imran Khan said in a televised statement that the two countries should “settle with talks” the conflict that has arisen between them – probably the closest to war that the two has come into after the 2003 ceasefire agreement.

“Our action was only intended to convey that if you can come into our country, we can do the same,” Khan said, referring to airstrikes by India on Tuesday and Pakistan’s response on Wednesday. Addressing India, he said, “With the weapons you have and the weapons we have, can we afford a miscalculation?”

However, it seems that Pakistan has actually responded to India, not with words, but with violence. Earlier today, Pakistan media outlets have shown a blooded Indian soldier that was captured after the shooting of the IAF fighter jet who ran after Pakistan’s fighter jets that are supposed to drop bombs in IoK.

The tension has escalated since India dropped bombs at PoK’s Balakot where a Jaish-e-Mohammed camp is operating. India claimed that they were able to kill 300 terrorists including JeM leader, Yousuf Azhar. Pakistan, however, denied this claim, saying that India’s strikes did not kill anyone.

This volley of India and Pakistan stems out from the 1971 conflict in claims for Kashmir, which now, the two countries shared control through a heavily militarized Line of Control that decides the area they occupy.

The international community including the US, European Union, China, and Russia have appealed to both countries to apply “maximum restraint” to de-escalate the situation and avoid war. /apr

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