Michael Cohen: ‘I Was Forced To Lie And State Racist Remarks By Trump’

Trump's Former Lawyer Said 'He Made Racist Remarks And Ordered To Lie To The American People'Photo By: IowaPolitics.com/Flickr

Trump’s former trusted lawyer and fixer told a House Committee on Wednesday that his former boss made racist remarks against black people and told him to lie about the Russian real estate scandal.

Michael Cohen, who is set to serve a three-year prison sentence in May told the House Oversight and Reform committee through a written testimony obtained by Associated Press that Trump has previously made a racist remark against a black neighborhood in Chicago saying that black people would not vote for him because they were too stupid.

According to the testimony, Trump and Cohen were driving through a black neighborhood in Chicago when the President made that remark. He also told Cohen that “only black people can live that way.”

In the same incident, the President asked Cohen to name a country led by a black president that is not falling apart, the testimony revealed. During that time, Barack Obama is serving his last term as the first black president of America.

Aside from racist comments, Cohen alleges the President of asking him to lie about the Moscow real estate project. Although a direct order was not made, Cohen wrote in the testimony that “he [Donald Trump] would look me [Cohen] in the eye and tell me there’s no business in Russia and then go out and lie to the American people by saying the same thing.”

Cohen is set to serve three years in prison after he pleaded guilty to lying to Congres in 2017 and committing campaign finance violations. Since then, Trump’s former trusted lawyer turned his back from him and cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Furthermore, a New York court ruled to disqualify Cohen from practicing his law profession following the guilty plea.

After a nine-hour closed-door meeting with the committee, Cohen said that he is thankful for the opportunity to “clear the record and tell the truth.” He also said to “let the American people decide exactly who is telling the truth.” /apr

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