SC Dismissed Defamation Suit Vs. Bill Cosby

One of the legal battles faced by Bill Cosby was thrown out of the picture when Supreme Court justices dismissed the defamation case filed by one of the accusers of the 81-year-old comedian.

After a series of appeals, the defamation lawsuit filed by actress Kathrine Mae Mckee was dismissed by the Supreme Court. The defamation case was filed by McKee after the singer and his legal counsel, Martin Singer, has allegedly defamed her in a letter and pressed release, Associated Press reported. The lawyer reportedly called McKee a ‘liar’ in the letter leaked to the New York Daily News.

The case was previously denied and dismissed by two federal courts, and the Supreme Court upheld the decision by refusing to hear the case under the basis of ‘limited purpose public figure.’

Many have criticized the higher standard a public figure is facing in order to win a defamation case which strings out from the 1964 case of New York Times vs. Sullivan.

Associated Press reports that although Justice Clarence Thomas agreed with the decision of his colleagues to dismiss the case filed by McKee, he did request the body to reconsider the higher standard to which a public figure is held in order to win a defamation suit.

McKee is one of the sixty plus women who accuse Bill Cosby of raping, drugging, harassing and sexually abusing them throughout his 50-year career. McKee claimed that she was raped by the award-winning comedian in 1974.

Currently, Cosby is serving a prison sentence of up to ten years after he was convicted of sexually assaulting the ex-basketball player Andrea Constand. He is also currently facing a civil suit for sexual battery filed by Chloe Goins after he allegedly drugged her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

Furthermore, Cosby also faces several non-sexually related cases relevant to his trial lawsuits including a civil claim filed by his former criminal lawyers which led him to settle for $282,000 of unpaid legal fees. /apr

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