Toot Or Boot: RPDR S11 Promo Looks

Toot Or Boot: RPDR S11 Promo Looks

The queens of Season 11 are out with their promo looks. The theme for this year’s promo is “Go Wig or Go Home,” where the queens are wearing bright color blocking with gigantic makeup props.

Well, I don’t know much about these queens, except Vanessa Vanjie Matteo, who already appeared in Season 10. Cue in: Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie, Miss… VANJIE.

BUT, I will try to know each of these queens before the season starts. Hence, the best way to see what these queens can bring into RuPaul’s Drag Race runway but is through their promo looks.

So, I will be TOOTING and BOOTING their looks ala Raja and Raven.


A’Keria Chanel Davenport

Well, all I know is that she’s from Dallas and is part of the drag family of Kennedy Davenport and the late Sahara Davenport. She’s from the pageant circuit. Therefore, we can expect glamor from her.

With that being said, this outfit is not so glamorous, at all. My biggest problem with her look is the top and bottom symmetry. Her top is too big for her bottom (no pun intended). And, her hair is so big along with that huge puffy sleeves. Unfortunately, the entire outfit consequently made her looked like has chicken legs. I like the color story, but it’s still a BOOT for me.

Ariel Versace

So Ariel Versace is an Instagram queen with a huge following. Interesting!

This look of Ariel for me is just uhmmm meh. It looks like a Halloween tutu skirt with blue stockings. I’m not convinced of this look, and I don’t understand the styling. I think I have to give this a BOOT.

Brooke Lynn Hytes

The most exciting fact about Brooke Lynn is that she is going to be the first Canadian Ru queen! And with this outfit, Canada should be proud of her, honey.

What I love about this outfit is the sophistication of the cut and that it used only two colors. That’s how you block colors siz. The slick-back hair also adds dimension to the look and the muted make up is perfect for an outfit with two loud colors clashing against each other. This. Is. A. TOOT!

Honey Davenport

She is apparently, Monet Xchange’s drag mother from New York City. In the past, NY queens have brought grand fashion in the show, and I hope she too can deliver!

But this outfit? No, ma’am! BOOT!

Kahanna Montresse

She’s Coco’s drag daughter!

Hmmm. I kind of like this outfit especially the colors and the hair but I don’t understand the tentacle-like thing around her shoulders and waist. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt my eye, so I’m going to give this a soft TOOT.

Mercedes Iman Diamon

Many firsts in the season, I suppose. Mercedes is actually the first Muslim queen to enter the workroom. Yas for diversity!

But why does her promo outfit looks like it’s made for someone else – it’ s so big for her! Because of the sleeves, the skirt, the boots, the hair, it seems like the outfit is eating her up. BOOT!

Nina West

I heard that she auditioned for the show every episode since Season 2 and she only got accepted after her tenth audition.

I love the dedication but I don’t like this outfit. There’s a lot going on, and they don’t make sense with each other. BOOT.

Plastique Tiara

Three things: She’s Alyssa Edward’s drag daughter, she’s Asian, and she’s hot as a boy. Period.

She is not playing around with this outfit. I love the red, I love how it drapes, and I love the hair. Nevermind the shoe tho. TOOT!

Rajah O’Hara

She is also from Texas, and she’s a pageant girl. It makes ms curious if she’s related to Asia O’Hara. Hmmm

This look tho is put together. It’s simple yet well executed. The colors are bold, yet they match, the hair makes sense with the costume, the cape is cute… TOOT!

Scarlet Envy

Sooo, Sasha Velour cast her for NightGowns. Awesome!

This is probably one of the best promo looks from the bunch. I love that the gown is still in color blocking but not shouting. The silhouette with the hair is also amazing. TOOT!

Shuga Cain

Unfortunately, all I know about her is that she’s from the New York drag scene.

And unfortunately, this look is a BOOT. NO.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

This queen is the bomb. She has more than 100 pageant credentials. And she’s a plus size queen! That’s a feat.

I also love how she’s selling me this look. For me, the highlight of this promo look is the hair, and I will TOOT this because of that alone. And her body positivity!


She’s Asian, obviously. I kind of heard of her before because she has a YouTube channel that interviews Drag Race queens.

I’m not mad about this look. I feel like she’s going for Anime couture and she looks like a cartoon character. I feel like this outfit is very coherent although I don’t understand the puffy thing on her arm. The hair is gorgeous, and the makeup makes sense. TOOT!

Vanessa Vanjie Matteo

She was on Season 10 and has become an internet meme, so I know you know who she is.

In terms of the promo look, I’m okay with it although it looks like two pieces of fabric wrapped around her wearing a pink swimsuit. There is something very regal with it however so TOOT!

Yvie Oddly

She’s a fascinating character. She is the second Denver queen after Nina Flowers, and she is one of those who is proud of her alt-drag.

I am a fan of alt-drag, and I am very excited for her to be on the show. I think that she will bring jaw-dropping runway looks and this promo look is not an exception. It’s straightforward but it works. The highlight is the shoe, and it’s very editorial. The pose is sickening too! TOOT!

How about you, what do you think about these promo looks?

Note: I am in no way qualified to judge their promo looks so don’t mind it.

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