Nokia Releases Three New Budget Smartphones With ‘Breathing’ Notifications

Nokia Releases Three New Budget Smartphones With 'Breathing' Notifications

When you think of smartphones, the first thing that will pop in your mind is Nokia.

No, let’s stop fooling ourselves.

But Nokia is back, and it is again with a big, inexpensive bang!

As a tradition, HMD Global, creator of Nokia, has arrived at the Mobile World Congress with a new lineup of Nokia phones. What’s interesting is that this year, the team has also brought us budget devices with some impressive new features.



Nokia 4.2, a new class of phone for the company, is designed to slot in between the pricier Nokia 5 line and the cheaper Nokia 3.

The company intends for Nokia 4.2 to offer an ‘affordable flagship experience’ with premium features like a notched 5.71-inch display, glass front, and back design, dual camera system, and a fingerprint sensor without being more expensive than $200.

The phone – that is powered by Snapdragon 439 processor, so apparently, it’s not the fastest device around – comes in two storage options: 2GB RAM with 16GB of storage or 3GB RAM with 32GB of storage. It is also rounded up by a 3,000 mAh battery.

But the most exciting part of the Nokia 4 is its buttons. There’s a dedicated Google Assistant button, which Nokia is loading with a few unique features: press it once to trigger the Assistant, twice to bring up Google’s Visual Snapshot view, and press and hold to keep the mic open for a conversational, always listening mode like on a full smart speaker.

The model also features a “breathing” notification light integrated into the power button. If the device is face down, the light will gently glow to signal a new notification.

The Nokia 4 will cost either $169 or $199 depending on the storage configuration, although Nokia isn’t sure yet which configurations will come to the US when the phone launches in April.


HMD will also release an updated version of Nokia 3.1, the Nokia 3.2. The phone is getting the same dedicated Google Assistant and glowing power buttons, a larger 6.26-inch notched display, and a beefy 4,000 mAh battery.

The 3.2 has the same Snapdragon 439 processor and 2GB RAM / 16GB storage and 3GB RAM / 32GB storage options as the 4.2.

One of the significant difference between 3.2 and 4.2 is the back cover. While the 4.2 sports a beautiful back cover, 3. 2 only comes with a plastic back. The 3.2 will also not have a fingerprint sensor.

It is a bit cheaper though, set to cost $169 and $139, depending on the storage/RAM option. The Nokia 3.2 will launch in May.


In an attempt to tap the market of those who are going to upgrade from a feature phone to a smartphone, HMD announced the $99 Nokia 1 Plus, which is an improved version of Nokia 1 they released last year.

It has a 5.45-inch 18:9 display with a removable back cover, replaceable battery, and is thinner than last year’s model.

Crucially, it’ll also run Android 9 Pie Go, instead of the more massive Android 9 Pie, and will be available in mid-March.

Nokia phones deserve a chance. With these new budget phones that the company is offering, who knows you might get what you wanted without paying a lot. /apr

All images from NOKIA website.

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