Huawei’s $2600 Foldable Smartphone: Mate X

Huawei's $2600 Foldable Smartphone: Mate XImage from @HuaweiMobile / Twitter

In response to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold launching, Huawei, another global smartphone leader, launched on Sunday its Mate X smartphone, as it teased the arrival of its photography-focused P30 Series in March.

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Shenzen-based, Huawei prided and highlighted its 5G technology. The company is now the second largest smartphone maker in the world.

As global sales for smartphones declined, Huawei and global market leader Samsung are racing to innovate smartphones in their bid to be the best.

Studies have suggested that users nowadays are holding on to their handsets longer and are avoiding the yearly upgrade cycle.

The Mate X can be folded out to reveal an 8-inch near the borderless screen with no notch and no punch holes for the camera. According to Huawei’s consumer business CEO Richard Yu, the device would be the fastest 5G device upon release.

The 6.6-inch Mate X folds out to reveal an 8-inch near borderless screen. Huawei said it would be the fastest 5G device upon release.

“You can use this in any way, either you open it, or you fold it. It’s very convenient,” he said. The design, inspired by the falcon’s wing, took three years to develop, he said.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold which unfolds to reveal a tablet-like screen while keeping a smaller smartphone-style panel one half of the device, The Mate X’s entire screen is visible even when folded.

Furthermore, in addition to the Galaxy Fold, Samsung also released last week it’s 10th generation S line, the Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, and the lower priced S10 e.

The Huawei Mate X is expected to be released for approximately $2,600.

Huawei also unveiled Sunday 5G WiFi devices for the home and on the go, and it’s Matebook X Pro touchscreen notebook with a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio and a wider 3:2 aspect ratio. /apr

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