Nike Adapt BB Stops Working Days After Release

Nike Adapt BB Stops Working Days After Release

Nike’s shoes are breaking. Earlier this week, the Nike shoe worn by Duke Men’s Basketball Zion Williamson broke during a crucial game of the season causing him to sustain knee injuries and a loss for his team.

But that’s not the only Nike shoe that is breaking. People’s shoes are crashing after Nike app stopped working. Nike’s new Adapt BB shoes have received salutations after it’s released days ago and were dubbed as the future of sneakers. The shoes use futuristic technology to allow them to be precisely tightened up automatically, without any shoelaces or other input.

This function can only be controlled using the Nike App. All the user need to do is to slip on the shoe and wait for the motors to do the work of tightening them up, in a way shoelaces would traditionally work. They use much the same technology that allowed Nike to recreate the self-lacing shoes from Back To The Future in a limited run.

However, the feature started to stop working after the app that is available in Android and iOS, stopped syncing with the sneakers. The shoes are still wearable tho; they just won’t work in the way that they are intended.

The problems have caused a storm of one-star ratings and reviews on the Google Play Store for Nike App, as customers express their disappointment over the crashing shoes.

“App won’t pair with left shoe,” the top review reads. “Paired with sneakers right after unboxing then completely crashed after the last update.”

Another reviewer writes: “whenever I try connecting my shoes, it says error try again, or it says it’s already connected with another pair of shoes.”

Most reviews complain about the left shoe not working, while the right can sync correctly.

The iOS version of the app is still working, suggesting the problem is with the design of the Android tools.

Experts suggested that “the problems appear to have arrived after Nike sent out a firmware update intended to fix problems with the shoes. Downloading and applying that caused the Android app to break.”

The shoes do have manual controls, meaning that people can lean down and tie them up. But that doesn’t make sense if you pay a hefty amount of money for a technology that doesn’t work.

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