How VoIP Inspires Small Hotel Businesses To Become Big Players

Teaching you the advantages of shifting to VoIP for all your hotel communication needs

The advancement of VoIP technology has had a positive impact on businesses, industries, and even in some aspects of life. Given with features and expanded functionality, VoIP has also paved its way into the hotel industry where it continues to gain popularity.

Mitch Heinlein, VP of Sales and Marketing for Bittel Americas, said that for the first time, 50 percent of hotels are built with VoIP.

This is because the world has been switching to internet protocol, and nowadays, old and even newly-built hotels are already making a move to Voice over Internet Protocol. Maintaining effective communication for hotel guests, as well as, hotel administrators is as vital as it is in large or small businesses.

Since the hospitality industry is too competitive when it comes to pricing and services, especially when customers can use their smartphones to compare each hotel with other competitors any minute, what you have to do now is to stand out. Small or newly-built hotel owners may think that there’s no way to beat large and well-known hotels, but this article says otherwise. What if I told you that there’s a way to be more competitive without spending a lot of money?

According to VoIP Insider’s, VoIP does not just reduces costs, but also generates more revenue for hotel businesses. So let us check other ways on how VoIP can turn your hotels into “dream hotels.”

Cut Infrastructure Cost

Traditional hotels require separate networks to process telephones and data which also call for extra charges on installing, wiring as well as maintenance fee. With VoIP, hotels don’t have to undergo all these hassles. VoIP uses an existing data network, therefore, eliminating the need for new or separate systems and set up of too much wiring.

Lower the cost for off-site communication

VoIP service collects everything under one roof even when you are outside the office. Call rates using this service are fixed regardless of the distance. Hotel owners can save costs on traveling and long distance charges and efficiently manage group communications from a single source.

So far, the best solution offered by VoIP services to hotels is the fact that revenues and profits have increased tremendously in the past years since its introduction to the industry. By providing guests more paid communication services like voicemail services, instant messaging, and outbound calling, hotels can open up more business opportunities and generate additional revenue.

Moreover, if hotels integrate VoIP system with its CRM system, it can get access to guest information right from the same system, speed up check-in/out processes and also make special requests such as taxi pick up notification and wake-up calls with more efficiencies. In this way, owners can improve convenience and increase customer loyalty as well as satisfaction.

Effective Communication

VoIP service comes with a lot of useful features such as Find Me/Follow Me, Call parking, and IM which enable effective communication of staff, management, and its guests. Through the “bring your device (BYOD) solution,” hotel staff can use their smartphones, laptops and other devices when making calls or sending messages. This also means that VoIP call features help hotels to be more responsive to customer inquiries and resolve real-time issues.

These are just some of the benefits hotel owners can enjoy while using the VoIP System. This service is very flexible and has a lot of potentials. If you want to learn more about how VoIP can help you achieve your business goals or may it be in other aspects, please leave us a comment below or read our articles related to the phone system.

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