Clint Bondad Respond To Break Up With Miss Universe Catriona Gray

The male model responded to the confirmation of Miss Universe, Catriona Gray regarding their breakupChris Bondad unfollowed six-year girlfriend, Catriona Gray from Instagram. Photo taken from @chrisbondad / Instagram

Having a relationship means dealing with its highs and lows. And for the relationship between Miss Universe Catriona Gray and his six-year boyfriend, Clint Bondad is at its lowest now.

Their relationship was no secret to everyone. One of the highlights of Catriona’s Miss Universe run is her boyfriend cheering in Thailand for her win.

But on Friday, February 22nd, Catriona confirmed their breakup in an interview, ending their six-year relationship with the model.

In a post on Saturday, February 23rd, Bondad said that amid the breakup, he stands by everything he said to Catriona.

“Man, and here I am working so hard on my bad boy image…. I stand by all I have ever said about you,” he said.

“You are still the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. I wish you the very best on your path, wherever it will carry you…. Truly. This is certainly not what we both wanted, but most certainly what we both need at this point of our life.”

Screenshot from @clintbondad / Imstagram

Catriona belongs to herself

These words are captions to a video clip he posted on Instagram where Howie Severino, a local journalist interviewed him. When asked about what he feels that Catriona doesn’t belong solely to him anymore, he gave a selfless answer saying that Catriona “belongs, first of all, to herself.”

Clint Bondad stressed out during that interview that Catriona is a woman of her own and he admires that the most about her.

Unfollowing Catriona

Before they broke up, Clint used to follow just one person on Instagram: Catriona. But after the breakup, he seems to have unfollowed her and currently doesn’t follow anyone on the social media platform anymore. However, all of his photos of Catriona are still on his page, and he has not deleted them.

The two have been in a relationship when the beauty queen was 18. She has crowned the fourth Miss Universe from the Philippines and is now based in New York to complete her reign.

She, however, denied that she will enter a new relationship anytime soon but is still open to get back with Bondad if they are ‘meant to be.’ /apr

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