Catriona Gray On Break Up With Long-Term Boyfriend: ‘It Just Doesn’t Work’

Miss Universe, Catriona Gray, is single but not ready to mingleMiss Universe Catriona Gray announced break up of six-years relationship with Clint Bondad.The photo was taken from @clintbondad / Instagram

Being in a relationship is a blessing, but being in one that doesn’t can feel like a curse. It’s hard to feel right about ending a long-term relationship, but it’s even harder to stay on one that does not work out.

Yesterday, Miss Universe, Catriona Gray, announced her break up with her boyfriend for six years, Clint Bondad.

In an interview with Philippine local entertainment talk show, Tonight With Boy Abunda, Catriona Gray explained that her long-term relationship with her model boyfriend “just didn’ t work out.”

She, however, kept the reason for the break up a private thing. Instead, she thanked Bondad for the time they spent together and for the support that the model gave her during her journey to the Miss Universe crown.

Miss Universe is not the reason

The 25-year-old queen revealed that the Miss Universe crown is not the reason for their break up. She explained that they are having relationship problems even before she competed in the prestigious pageant.

She shared that she and Bondad were already not talking terms during the pageant. Amid this, many of Bondad’s followers and fans saw him passionately cheer her as she walks the stage of Miss Universe in Thailand.

The queen explained that they have relationship problems even before she competed in Miss Universe. Phot taken from @catriona_gray / Instagram

“It was really tough going through the competition with that happening at the same time, but I had to keep reminding myself that this was a once in the lifetime opportunity,” Gray said. 

When asked about the real reason for their break up, Gray said that the two had outgrown each other.

“When you’re together for so long, and you start off from a very young age, you grow. Whether that be in your personal or in your career –sometimes you just outgrow each other.”

“If we’re meant to be together, maybe it’d happen in the future but as of right now,” she added, shaking her head to indicate no. 

Not ready for a new love yet

With this Mikimoto crown on her head and the heavy responsibility of being Miss Universe on her shoulders, she silenced the suggestion to enter another relationship soon because she “doesn’t feel ready at all.” 

She added that being single gives her the opportunity to establish an identity of her own as she completes her reign.

“I’ve never really had the chance –because being in a 6-year relationship from the age of 18, I’ve never been a young adult, a growing young Christian in that season of singleness.”

“I think it’s really important as an individual because you need to know what you want, who you are,” she added.

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