Millennials: Is Technology A Helping Hand Or A Trap To Achieve Success?

As millennials continue to peak, will it survive the technology it have created?

How fast did everyday go? According to studies, most millennials are already burned out on trying to figure out life, and at the same time, making things happen. This generation has not even reached their 40s, yet have been complaining about life’s difficulties. There have been stereotypes on a millennial’s capability to do and undo things—can they change the world or are they waiting for the world to change them? Will they survive their generation?

On the other hand, some millennials have already topped the best of the world and are owning positions that they have dreamt – young CEOs, medical professionals, inventors, etc. However, there are still those who are left behind and are blaming new technology for its advancements; saying that they have been distracted by it to reach their goals.

One question raised in a university was how these millennials could be the victims of the changes and advancements in technology and when they have been part of its creation?

People have stated their explanation as to why they have been “victims” of technology, while others have been wrestling with the thought on productivity with technology and procrastination caused by its availability.

It has been concluded that the primary reason why millennials have been stuck in their race is that they have been procrastinating a lot lately, along with, having too much wasted and unproductive screen-time since they have all the luxury to drown themselves on social media, games, movies and everything that the internet can offer them. It’s not just the “kids” that are being affected by it, but also our young adults.

Millennials have been very dependent on technology that they cannot move without it anymore. They have created a different world that is just visual and have forgotten that they have a real world to live in and to take care of. In short, they have lived longer in their visual and social life rather than living in reality.

Technology, social media, the internet, and this generation cannot be separated anymore; as each has become a part of their everyday lives. It’s like the successful millennials have created social media and the like while the ones who are stuck are those who use them daily in the wrong way.

If you are a millennial and reading this, know that everything created for technology is to help every struggling individual to do life easily and not to ruin anybody else’s.

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