Survey Revealed Customer Behavior, Frustrations, And Preference In Calling Companies

Research detailed the common frustrations of Americans in calling companies for concerns

A study conducted by Interactions, a Massachusetts – based IT service company, in partnership with The Harris Poll, said that almost all Americans (94%) had experienced frustrations when using voice channels to communicate with a company.

The online study was carried out amongst 2,022 US adults to find out how customers perceive voice channels. It wanted to focus more specifically on voice channels, when it is considered creepy, and when people prefer to speak with AI over humans.

More than half of the respondents (52%) have expressed their frustration at having to repeat themselves, and almost half (49%) said that they hate waiting to be connected to a live agent while in the queue. Additionally, nearly as many (47%) of the respondents also expressed their anger and frustration because they could not by-pass the IVR system to speak to a live agent.

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Forty-six percent were annoyed to listen to a list of irrelevant options presented by an IVR system, and 45 percent were frustrated to get disconnected from a call.

But, not all IVR systems got terrible feedback. If a method employed by a company works well, customers say that they often prefer it. As a matter of fact, two out of three Americans say they would choose AI-powered voice-over text if the AI system is useful in answering questions and 76% of the respondents are more comfortable with the AI system over having a human being involved in the interaction.

The study also determined that there are certain situations where people actually prefer to interact with a company through AI rather than humans and vice versa. 50% of the respondents said that they would prefer a virtual assistant over a live agent if they are dealing with embarrassing situations and about 44% prefers if they are irate or in a bad mood.

Meanwhile, 65% of the respondents think that talking to a human agent makes negotiation more plausible and 61% of them said that they have a better chance of succeeding with bypassing a company’s rules with a human.

At the end of the day, the study concluded that companies have to make the right decision in choosing what way to interact with their customers. It highlights that a good customer interaction system and strategy can go a long way. /apr

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