How VoIP Can Be An Effective Way To Keep One’s Life In Private

How VoIP can help you protect your phone numbers

Today, it is not easy to keep one’s phone numbers private, unless you openly give it to someone. Since there are no official cell phone directory – scammers, bogus or unknown individuals can still get access to your private digits for specific clients by paying a fee to such service.

So if you are a type of person who does not want to receive thousands of phone calls or your private lives get interrupted by anyone, there is a special device for you. Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol, the new telephone connection over the internet.

Currently, the smartest way to maintain your phone number’s privacy is to use VoIP. It allows people to secure phone numbers that work through the internet rather than a phone carrier.

With VoIP, users who desire to use it, do not have to disclose their real identities to pay for the service. Meaning to say, people don’t need to spend extra hours to fill in personal data, thus, keeping their profiles and other substantial information like contact numbers with them.

Another thing is users can choose whatever area code they wish for their phone number, more so, they can manipulate the number that appears on the caller ID. The main reason that VOIP service providers give people the option to choose an area code that is different from that of the actual area is to save money, especially if they intend to do a lot of calls to a specific location. Aside from that, no one will be able to save your private phone numbers, thus, keeping you away from unwanted or unnecessary calls.

One of the positives of using VOIP or “virtual number” is that you can set up phone numbers anywhere and route calls from your number to other contacts. Thus, keeping your personal mobile in private.

Authorities expressed concerns over VoIP numbers, however, people especially celebrities, find this device very useful. The so-called VoIP numbers can’t be traced, and that is why for some reason, you can’t be able to do 911 calls with them.

Back in the day, it was possible to return a call from these private numbers. However, nowadays, people tend to get more personal. According to Quora, methods like dialing *69 would expose the caller’s number and hitting a redial might redirect you to the other end’s line. Those tricks worked a long time ago, but rarely these days. People like to separate personal from professional lives and that are now 100% achievable all thanks to VoIP.

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