Google Hangouts Upgraded Its App And Now Uses VoIP Features

Google Hangouts received an upgrade, enabling VoIP features

People get tired of typing long messages and might want to feel the intimacy of hearing someone’s voice. The suffering of impatiently waiting for somebody’s reply over a chat or the longing to see your loved ones are finally over, thanks to the creation of various apps which connected a lot of people.

One of the many apps which upgraded its features nowadays is the famous “Google Hangouts.” It is not just for ‘chatting’ alone anymore; it now offers additional capabilities and features including video and voice calls. This means, aside from the need for in-person interactions, you and your friends can talk anything under the sun through VoIP services.

In some cases, VoIP can even help you track your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s whereabouts by calling them without using a traditional phone line. (*Just kidding) But, the thing is, VoIP services is the ‘talk of the town’ today. They are not just for business transactions alone; everyone could undoubtedly enjoy its services whether for personal matters or recreational purposes.

Now, Google Hangouts has used the VoIP features, gone were the days when this app is intended only for chatting purposes. The integration of Google Voice, an Internet-based telecommunications service has transformed hangouts into a lightweight telephony client. The app can now handle the calling needs of people who don’t rely heavily on their smartphones.

When you sign up for a Google Voice account, Google will give you a phone number to use for making and receiving calls over your internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line.

Google Voice includes features such as:

Make outbound calls

Aside from receiving calls, you can also make calls to other Hangout users or phone numbers of traditional line users. Using this app, your Google Voice number will show up on Caller ID. Otherwise, your call will appear as coming from an “unknown” number.

Voice over WI-FI

All thanks to the VoIP feature of Google Hangouts, users now can be able to send android calls over a WI-FI connection instead of using your cellular phone to avoid per minute charges.

Free Calling

One of the good things about this app is that most calls to other Hangouts users and US numbers are free. Receiving calls with Google Voice comes without charges, so users can typically save money.

However, calls to US numbers that aren’t free cost 0.01 dollar per minute, even international rates are also low and budget-friendly.

Before, Google Voice was offered as a standalone service, but now it’s fully integrated into the Hangouts platform. Google Voice accounts are provided for free, though you need to pay for making certain types of calls such as international calling that are subjected to limited destinations only.

So what are you waiting for? Try any VoIP technology to personally experience its benefits and services. Or, if you are already using one, leave us a comment on your case to case scenarios or your firsthand experiences with the VoIP services.

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