Amazon Received Criticisms After Selling ‘Gay Cure’ Books

People from Twitter urge Amazon to remove Gay Cure by Joseph Nicolosi removed from its website as it promote hate crimes

Amazon, an online retailer of books and other massive products, has been condemned for selling books that encourage the “treatment” of homosexuality.

The published “gay cure” book is openly criticized on Twitter by Damian Barr, an author, and speaker after discovering it on Amazon’s online store with a title “A Parent’s Guide To Preventing Homosexuality” by US psychologist, Joseph Nicolosi.

Barr addressed his tweets to Amazon saying that the book actively advocates self-harm and propagates hate crime. “I just checked, and that book is real,” he wrote.

Others expressed their concerns and disappointments in social media, calling for Amazon to remove the books from its website. One person urged parents and companies not purchase and spread hate, instead learn to love their kids or teach them to celebrate differences so that they would embrace who they are instead of propagating self-harm.

The comment section, where the book is posted, has remarks from parents who are affected and find the book damaging instead of helping them.

In early February, Amazon faced the same situation where people expressed disappointment after the said company featured a film against LGBTI from its prime streaming service. And just this week, another biased therapy manuals were found to be on sale on Amazon.

The book was published back in 2000 by the Joseph Nicolosi who is the founder of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality – a U.S Organization that promotes conversion therapy. The group claims that it has assisted hundreds of clients already with a goal to reduce same-sex attractions and opted for individuals to explore the heterosexual potential.

Despite the death of Nicolosi in 2017, the organization continues to offer psychological services to men and women who are experiencing same-sex attraction. In the interview of Buzzfeed News, Barr said that Amazon should not only care for its profit but also take into account the impacts of promoting this type of book to the society, especially where the same-sex attraction is a sensitive issue to some.

The organization finally spoke on the matter and explained that the issue is not with the book itself but the fact that Amazon chose to sell it. “The company is not being neutral by selling these books; it just shows that Amazon is making a statement on their stand about the same-sex issue,” the group added.

Several media outlets highlighted that before this book, Amazon is also selling several books that fall into the same category including Healing Homosexuality, Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality, and How a Gay Boy Became a Straight Man.

The thing is, although the New York State Legislature passed a bill which prohibits licensed mental health professionals from conducting gay conversion therapy on children, Amazon is still promoting gay cure books.

The bill, according to New York State Assembly Speaker, Carl Heastie, and a Democrat as well, indicated that everyone has a right to live their life free from hostility and exclusion, and the youth deserves support both from their parents and the society they lived in; discovering identity in a way that promotes positive mental health.

Amazon, on the other hand, did not give any comments to queries about the issue. The book is still on sale on its website but already receives thousands of backlash and bad reviews.

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