Here’s Your First Look At The Leaked Leica Q2

Leaked: New Leica Q2

The advent of photography has changed the world forever. Not only that people can document the events that happened, but it has also given people the ability to see the world differently in the eyes of other people.

The camera, as we know it, has had a long way ever since. Gone were the days when we need an entire studio to take the perfect snapshots, and so are the days when polaroids are the only ways we can store good memories.

The new Leica Q2 with weatherproofing feature. Image from Nokishita

The digital age has seen so many versions of cameras throughout its peak years. We have seen the rise of digital cameras and DSLRs, as well as, the popularity of smartphone cameras. Most of these are usually a fad – but one thing is for sure, cameras are forever, and people will always find a way to capture every moment of their lives.

Leica, a German camera company, has been in the business since 1914. It is a widely known camera brand to have leveraged the inherent need of people to memorialize wonderful memories. It has been nearly four years since Leica has released its latest product, the Original Leica Q, and now it is heavily rumored to release its successor, the Leica Q2.

Image from Nokishita

However, ahead it’s rumored release on March 6, details of the new camera has been leaked, courtesy of Nokishita.

By looking at the leaked pictures of Leica Q2, you will see that it has remained largely the same design as the original Leica Q, with only minimal cosmetic change including the addition of the new Q2 logo. That is if the leaked photos turned out to be true.

The leaked Leica Q2 product photos also promise a one-of-a-kind camera feature; weatherproofing of some sort. This is an assumed feature based on the water-soaked Leica Q2 in the leaked photos.

Image from Nokishita

According to Leica Rumors, the more significant step-up for the Leica Q2 from Q will happen internally. “[Q2 will be released] with a massive jump in resolution from 24 megapixels to a 47-megapixel sensor, along with 4K video support, although that’s harder to confirm from a handful of leaked pictures.”

“Considering that the Q was a pretty great camera as Leica cameras go, merging the build quality, design, and photography chops that the company is known for with more modern features like autofocus and Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s probably a good thing Leica isn’t messing with the formula too much.” they wrote. /apr

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