The 48 Hour Challenge Caused Fear And Panic

A new social media trend is causing rounds on the internet, worrying authorities regarding possible dangers.

There is a new trend which steps up into the insanity level of kids today. Last month, the finger-eating challenge took rounds on the internet. And, as always, the internet discovers new and interesting challenges that influence people from around the world. Just recently, kids are once again hooked on a new game known as the “48-hour challenge,” which is making its way around all over social media.

The said challenge works after someone post a task on social media which encourages kids to disappear and never to contact their families for 48 hours. After two days, they would return to their homes and act as if nothing happened.

This has some sort of pointing system, and apparently, reward is given to the participant after completing the said task. While the kids are missing, points will accumulate every time someone mentions them on social media, and it gets even higher once their parents ask their Facebook friends of their whereabouts.

It may sound fun for all who’ve participated on the said challenge, but local authorities were alarmed after hearing it gone viral. And, as a precautionary method to avoid probable danger that this challenge may inflict to young individuals, authorities warned parents regarding this ‘sick’ game that persuaded teens to go missing for two days intentionally. Parents, on the other hand, expressed fear and panic over the possibility of danger that this challenge may bring to their kids.

Teens, mostly younger than 14 years old, find the challenge very amusing. However, the police thought otherwise. Aside from the fact that this will terrify parents, it could also take the police away from their other obligations.

“Whoever will be caught participating in the challenge would end up facing charges, according to a statement from the authorities.”

A few years ago, a similar game was said to have influenced teens across Europe. It was called “Game of 72.” But, further research and investigation determined that it was just a hoax. So after the 48-hour challenge made rumblings online, several social media posts indicated that the challenge was not real as well.

Although there have been zero reported cases so far, the problem is that this 48-hours challenge popped on social media with millions of interactions. about the challenge and authorities were worried about it to the extent that police departments across the country have been encouraging parents to speak to their kids before unnecessary things happened.

Every week, a new viral challenge pops up on social media, and you may agree or not, some are fun and others are too dangerous. Kids today are always looking for excitement but what they don’t understand is the fact that dangers don’t just breed outside the four walls of their homes, it can also be found in the cyber world. The key here is on the parents. They should adequately guide and educate their children not depend on the internet for leisure.

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