Trump’s Physical Exam: ‘Very Good Health’ But Categorized As ‘Obese’ Due To Little Weight Gain

After his medical test, Donald Trump's Very Good Health remarks categorized as obese

Elected officials are required to undergo an annual physical examination. Consequently, this is mainly to assess their health status and for the public to know and see if these leaders are fit to serve the country. The most recent health examination of President Donald Trump, who took the test and gained positive remarks from the White House physician announcing that he is indeed ‘very healthy.’

The White House produced a memo last Thursday coming from Dr. Sean Conley, which indicated that the President is in good overall health. However, a 4-pound weight gain categorized him as ‘obese.’ This result forwarded by the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where Trump underwent almost four hours of several tests supervised by a panel of specialists last February 8.

According to Dr. Conley, after taking into account all the laboratory results, examinations and specialist recommendations, the President remains in excellent health. However, a slight weight gain puts him in a delicate situation.

Trump who is six feet and three inches tall has a total weight of 243 pounds, the memo said. His body mass index is at 30.4, and according to the National Institutes of Health, anything which is higher than 30 is considered as “obese” already.

Back in 2018, Trump also came close to being obese. Weighing 239 pounds, his body mass index (BMI) indicated a result of 29.9, meaning to say, he belongs in the “overweight” category.

The result of his BMI somehow backfires to Trump’s fondness over fast food. From NBC news report last week, the President does not like to smoke nor drink alcoholic beverages but famously enjoys fast food.

Aside from Trump’s weight and BMI, the memo also gave out other test results such as the President’s vital signs which were normal this year, and his total cholesterol level was remarkably down from 223 last year to 196. This explains that the sudden decline is probably due to an increase in his cholesterol medication which was formerly 10 mg to 40mg, according to a statement from NBC medical analyst Dr. Shamard Charles.

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