Taiwan: No Need For Tinder Or Dating Apps, The Love God Provides

Taiwan: No Need For Tinder Or Dating Apps, The Love God Provides

With the help of technology, especially social media, people can be closer than ever. Individuals will be able to meet different kinds of people and even meet the love of their life using social networking sites or dating applications. But in Taiwan, citizens who are experiencing love problems or having difficulties in finding the one, believe in an entity who came earlier than tinder, the Love God.

CNN‘s Marian Liu interviewed Naomi Lee, a temple guide. Lee stated that an estimated 500 visitors go to the temple daily to ask the Love God for advice and assistance. During Valentine’s Day or Lunar New year, more than 1,000 visitors fill the temple. Some couples who are happy with the pairings are required to give wedding cookies. And as Liu observed, it seems that there are a vast number of successful missions done by the Love God, based on the massive amount of cookie boxes found in the location.

A Vietnam tourist named Chiang Hung Chen claims that she met her husband one year after visiting the temple. She came back to visit and thank the Love God in person. And she also urged singles to go and ask the Love God’s blessings.

The Love God also is known as the Matchmaker God, or the Old man under the moon which is believed to possess a marriage book and can assist singles in finding the right person for them with the help of a red string.

According to the legend, which began during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), a young man passed by an old man reading a blank book under the moonlight and leaning against a cloth bag. When the younger one asked the latter what the book and bag were for, the latter revealed that it was the book of marriages and the bag contains red strings, which the old man uses to bind two people. The thread is considered to be very strong that no matter circumstances occur, the connected individuals will be together till the end.

Lee said that the complex prayer process to find your perfect match takes more than 30 minutes. Singles need to buy an offering set, light an incense, pray to the Gods namely the City God, his wife and the Love God, and lastly eat the wedding cookies by happily married couples. Interested singles should pray and tell the Love God specifically what kind of person they are looking for.

There are different ways that a person can find her or his one right match. But one thing is for sure my friend, we may not know the time or place, but Love will inevitably find its way to you.

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