Frozen’s Real Comeback: The Cold Never Bothers Me Anyway Part Two

Frozen's Real Comeback: The Cold Never Bothers Me Anyway Part Two

The real ice queen is back.

The award-winning Disney film is back on big screen, with a title ‘Frozen 2’ directed and co-written by Jennifer Lee. The newest trailer of Frozen 2 earned a lot of speculations from the viewers when it  first surfaced online. Avid fans were asking whether the new characters introduced in the two-minute teaser were somehow related to Elsa. Some were bothered after selected scenes revealed another elemental power aside from Elsa’s ice abilities.

So if you are one of the Frozen lovers, you may take a look at some speculations gathered from the movie before going out to the actual cinema.

The trailer sparks questions such as ‘Is Elsa Gay?”

There was one mysterious woman who appeared during the last 50 seconds of the teaser, which sparked circulating stories on the internet; Elsa’s girlfriend.

Ever since Frozen was release in motion pictures, fans were hoping for Elsa to have a female love interest following the #MakeElsaGay movement on social media. This calls for a new theme on the story Frozen 2 after the first movie. When it was known that there would be a presence of female character voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, many fans hinted that she could be Elsa’s speculated love interest.

While the speculation for Elsa’s love affair continues to bother other people, some disagreed and thought that the woman is a relative of Elsa. But then again, this trailer is all about Elsa, testing the strength of her powers and knowing its limitations as she is bound to another journey outside Arendelle to find the origin of her powers so she can understand it better.

Who are the two new characters in the movie?

With the coming of Frozen 2, new characters are introduce; one is Elsa’s potential love interest and another is a fair-haired adolescent boy. This is where we can get hints as to who the girl is.  The pair (woman and the boy) in the scene also have similarities to Anna and Elsa’s parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. They could be the younger versions of the couple, and the thing is, this could be a flashback to their parents’ first meeting and how their love story first began.

A new set of powers?

Aside from Elsa’s ice abilities, there is another elemental power on display in the scene. Strange looking fire is somewhat related to Elsa’s parents which signifies an origin of elemental powers which their daughter possessed later on. Maybe this ‘fire’ would help Elsa understand her strengths. Also, some fans are saying that the four diamond shaped icicles on the teaser ad symbolize the four seasons; Elsa as winter and the mystery girl as fall.

The location might be the answer to all probing questions.

At the end of the trailer, Elsa, Anna and the rest of the gang were standing at an edge overlooking a wooded location. Perhaps this is where Elsa will get answers to her undying questions about her powers, its origin, and the truth behind her parents’ disappearance. The journey to understand her skills ends at the place where her parents first found out their elemental abilities.

Other important maybes.

Before the movie finally hits the cinemas, it’s natural for avid fans to address their ‘maybes.’ So maybe the story revolves around on the flashback of Anna and Elsa’s parents. Many are waiting for the story to unfold where the King and Queen of Arendelle aren’t dead after all. Maybe they were saved during the tragedy on the ocean. Or perhaps they both lived on the autumnal land that’s home to some elemental magic as shown on the trailer.

More than Elsa’s love story, new set of adventures and a hint on another elemental power, this movie for sure entails a story of self-discovery and acceptance.

What do you think of these maybes? And do you have any idea who the new characters are? Let us know in the comments below!

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