Aquatica Orlando Is The World’s First Water Park To Accommodate Children With Special Needs

Aquatica WaterparkA beautiful place where kids with ASD can have fun, and relax.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that begins in early childhood development which affects their behavior, interaction, communication, and learning. This developmental disorder last throughout an individual’s life. Children with ASD are mostly separated from healthy living to reduce risks on behavior since they have a problem interacting with other people.

It may seem sad, but this is a reality—they have limitations when it comes to the public. Although, parents are aware of such and are also having a hard time on how to deal with real living and their children’s healing. However, as part of their growth these children also need to meet other people, have fun and as much as possible, interact and live normally.

Today, Orlando has released a piece of great news for everyone as it opens the world’s first Autism-Certified Water Park! Aquatica Orlando has set their staff and employees on a specialized training on how to help and treat children with autism including their families by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards or IBCCES. They will be undergoing training on sensory awareness, communication, environment, social and motor skills, emotional awareness, and program development.

For certification, all employees who had experienced the training shall pass an autism competency exam.

Their commitment to engage with children with autism and their families is making a significant impact in the community showing that there shall be nothing too hard to handle and there is nothing to be afraid of. Aquatica Orlando’s employees shall take the training and exam every two years to maintain its certification.

The water park’s certification for the program is a new attraction in the state of Orlando, but it won’t be having the usual “killer rides” that other parks have. Instead, they will be having more fun and safer rides for their guests including activities that will be engaging for them. According to the Aquatica Orlando’s Vice President, as a team, they are striving to create a meaningful experience for each child along with their families.

They will also be opening their ‘low-sensory and quiet areas’ for them whenever the park gets too overwhelming. This is a beneficial act for every family who experienced being asked to leave public places because their children or family members have autism. The IBCCES has started this training with healthcare professionals and schools and realized that they could maximize their training with different institutions that can be helpful with children’s behavioral development.

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