Miley Cyrus Is ‘Freakin’ Out’ To Be In RuPaul’s Drag Race

Miley Cyrus in a dress made of records that we wore during the first episode of RPDR S11. Image from @mileycyrus / Instagram

RuPaul’s Drag race has featured around 50 celebrity special guest judges in the show ever since. Ru himself invites his favorite stars as well as those who inspired him. These guest judges sit alongside RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ross Matthew, and Carson Kressley, who are the regular judges of the show, as one of the panels which will deliberate to know who should win and who should go home.

Starting Season 9, there is one particular special guest judge who people are waiting for every season. In every season premiere, one special high profile guest judge will appear in the episode. This year, RuPaul has announced that the special guest judge for the Season 11 pilot episode is no other than Miley Cyrus!

These pilot episode special guest judge are usually gay icons like Lady Gaga (Season 9), Christina Aguilera (Season 10), and now Miley Cyrus (Season 11). At the end of the episode, except Season 9, the bottom two queens will lipsync for your life to the song of the special guest judge.

Miley Cyrus posted a photo on her Instagram wearing a dress made of records and announced that she would be in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 premiere. She also said that she is ‘freaking out.’

An exclusive video dedicated to Miley was also released by VH1, the producer of the hit TV show, to announce her as the very special guest judge for Season 11.

In Season 9, Lady Gaga who entered the werk room with her faced covered and by saying “Mother Monster has arrived.” Her shocking entrance got the queens to commend her for being a good Lady Gaga impersonator until they realized that it was actually her. That same week, the queens were challenged into a pageant challenge where they have to wear one of Lady Gaga’s iconic looks. Additionally, in Untucked, a sideshow with RPDR, Lady Gaga was able to kiki with the queens.

Lady Gaga as she entered the werk room in Season 9. Screenshot from VH1

Also in Season 10, RuPaul gagged the competing queens when right after the judge’s critiques, he announced that there is another queen who will join the competition and then she called on Farrah Moan. When the queen went out, a Christina Aguilera in the flesh graced the runway of RPDR. Of course, it wouldn’t be Christina Aguilera if she wouldn’t do her kilometer long runs and sang it in the drag race runway. In the untucked of the first episode, Season 9 queen Farrah Moan also got the chance to meet her idol who inspired her drag persona.

Christina Aguilera performing her signature musical runs at the mainstage of RPDR Season 10. Screenshot from VH1

Now that it’s Miley’s turn, is she going for the climb or is she gonna be the wrecking ball?

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