Google Chrome 73 Beta: Upgrade On Sync Features, Hardware Key Media And Auto Picture-In-Picture

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Google Chrome 73 Beta has upgraded new features for its users this week. It has added a more convenient and useful tool for signing-in and other “Sync and Google Services” that can now be found in the browser settings section. Chrome 73 also has new features for media playbacks that were upgraded from last January’s Chrome update.

For non-users of this web browser, Chrome 73 or Google Chrome Portable 73 Beta is similar with your Google Chrome browsers that is capable of running web pages and other applications but with a “lightning” speed. The difference with your standard web browser is that Chrome 73 is made simpler although more stylish. It is quick to start up and loads web pages and web applications faster than any other browser. One unique feature that this browser provides is it allows its users to organize tabs however they wish to have it.

Aside from how it looks or how you want it to look like, Chrome 73 is specially made for users’ efficiency in web browsing. Here users can test upcoming releases without impacting your local or portable stable install. It also has the lest versions of Dev and Stable builds.

Just this week, Chrome 73 has newly updated its features as mentioned. Users can now have a list of all options that are related to the data that has been collected by Google in the browser. Previously, these data are listed under the “Privacy” option of the browser. To make the user’s browsing experience better, they have also enhanced the spell check and safe browsing when enabled.

The browser also introduces its Auto Picture-in-Picture desktops that have installed Progressive Web Apps wherein users can now automatically switch apps and can now leave PiP to different tabs and applications. This includes returning to the original tab easily and faster when the “Skip Ad” button on advertisements on YouTube appears. It also supports Hardware Media Keys for pause and plays contents available on Chrome OS, Windows, and MacOS.

Chrome 73 Beta’s download manager has also been upgraded with added indicator slides that pop up from the screen’s bottom whenever the user saves or downloads files as a confirmation.

Meanwhile, the Omnibar in its Chrome 73 version has a quick shortcut to share URLs using the new pen icon that can be edited by users.

To ensure that your Chrome 73 is already updated, download and check Platform where point versions are announced.

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