Chunk Yet Funky: Latrice Royale, The First Queen Eliminated Four Times


There is no denying that Latrice Motherf*cking Royale, the large and in charge, the chunky yet funky, is a drag superstar. Whether or not she won the drag race, she has undoubtedly earned the heart of her fans and everyone in the drag world.

No matter how much charisma she got, for some reasons, she always goes home every few episodes before the show’s finale. Many have argued that it’s partly because she’s black and partly because she’s fat.

In the recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star 4, Latrice once again sashayed away after Trinity the Tuck, who won against Monique Heart in the Lipsync For Your Legacy, pulled out her lipstick, signaling her unfortunate elimination.

Because of this recent elimination, Latrice Royale now holds the record for being the first queen to be eliminated four times in the show.

Season 4’s Miss congeniality, Latrice Royale. Screenshot from Logo TV

Her first elimination happened in her first season, Season 4, when she lost to the Season’s Runner-Up, and the eventual winner of AS1, Chad Michaels in a Lipsync For Your Life after the two queens were placed in the bottom after a dog-inspired runway challenge. This elimination was a gag of the season because she was one of the fan-favorites and was known as one of the tightest lipsyncer in the cast. Despite her elimination, Latrice Royale has still crowned the Miss Congeniality of the season and has since been known as the ‘dearly beloved.’

In her own season, Latrice has left the audience gagging with her performances that made fans and judges speechless. This includes her ‘get those nuts away from my face’ catchphrase and her outstanding and emotional lipsync to Aretha Franklins’s (You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural Woman against Kenya Michaels.

#TeamLatrila after their elimination in AS1. Screenshot from Logo TV

Her second elimination happened after her team, Team Latrila, was chopped off from their All-Stars 1, also known as the season-that-is-not-counted, after they landed in the bottom during a challenge where the queens have to convince passersby in the Hollywood avenue to do hilarious and humiliating tasks like eating like a dog and putting whipped cream inside the pants. The team, composed of herself and another fan-favorite was born after RuPaul dropped the bomb and had the queens compete in teams of two. In the end, Latrila was sent home by Team RuJubee – composed of best friends, Raven and Jujubee – after Manila lost the LFYL against Jujubee who happened to hold the record for winning the most lipsyncs in the show.

Her third casting was in the recent Season of All-Stars when RuPaul decided to bring Team Latrila back and have them compete as individuals. On the fourth episode, Latrice Royal was voted off by Monique Heart on the fourth episode of the season. Manila Luzon, her ally and partner in AS1, tried to save her but Monique won the lipsync and sent Latrice home for the third time.

The dearly beloved is eliminated from drag race four times. Screenshot from VH1

In an unexpected turn of events, in the sixth episode of the season, RuPaul decided to give the eliminated queens a second shot into winning the crown. RuPaul brought the eliminated queens back to lipsync against episode five’s bottom four. The eliminated queens get to choose who they will go against, and Latrice chose Monique, who sent her home. After an iconic lipsync battle in RuPaul’s Sissy That Walk, both queens got to stay. However, as a queen that has already gone home once in the season, time caught up with her and was sent home by Trinity in the ninth episode of the season, making it her fourth elimination in RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Nonetheless, Latrice, in the word of RuPaul, is and will always be an All-Star. Can I get an amen up in here?

So to those who send hate to Latrice, I have one thing to say: Five Gs! Good God Get A Grip Girl.

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