Check Out Rumors About Google Pixel Watch

Google New Pixel WatchGoogle and Fossil Group joined forces to create a new smartwatch to launch soon.

Following the new trend nowadays is very typical for people. People feel like if they do not follow the latest in, especially in gadgets, they are already left behind by society, just like having a smartwatch. Having a smartwatch is very convenient as it has a lot of different features to offer. Wherever a user of it goes, it can give an excellent service to him or her like receiving calls, text messages, monitoring your heart rate or health and many more!

Because of the popularity of smartwatch, Google is expected to release their own version of it. After Apple and Samsung released their original, unique smartwatch, Google attempted to have their own, but sadly, it was not pushed through. In 2014, a glimpse of a debut of the Moto 360. They have given so much excitement to the people and high hopes that it will be released soon. But sadly, it was not released for some reason. Years after that, it was given by another name, but it turns out a mess. But this time, it seems like Google is determined to push through with their own device of a smartwatch. Rumors are circulating that they will be launching a smartwatch named as Pixel Watch.

So what can we expect with this newly rumored Pixel Watch from Google? Well, according to news, the first thing they did was have a well-defined partner who is familiar with watches. Just last month, Google had signed a contract deal that is amounting to $40 million agreement to purchase a smartwatch technology from Fossil Group. A great move made I think by Google as Fossil is known to be one of the most popular brands of watches all over the world. Fossil is also the primary brand used by Google’s Wear OS platform for making their smartwatches.

To make it more exciting, Google posted a job hiring on their own website that seems like related to the making of their Pixel Watch. The first job offer is a Vice President of Hardware Engineering for Wearables. In its description, it states that the focal person will work with senior leadership for Google Hardware. Their main tasks would be overseeing the design, development, and shipment of Google’s wearable devices. It is said that the positions available will be based in Mountain View, California at Google’s headquarters.

If this clue is not enough, you can check out their website that will give hints that Google is really working out of having their own version of the smartwatch. So better watch out for more updates and final revelation of their new Pixel Watch. See you soon!

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