BBC Camera Man Attacked By A Man Wearing MAGA Cap

BBC Camera Man Attacked By A Man Wearing MAGA Cap

A Trump supporter can be very passionate sometimes. Not only in their vocal support for Donald Trump but also for their behavior when dealing with whoever crosses him or he calls his enemy. They have this thing where they will attack anyone who they think is a problem for Trump himself. These attacks are mostly verbal, but there are also cases where one of his supporters attack someone physical on his behalf.

The recent of these attacks happened last Monday, when a Trump supporter, wearing a Make America Great Again cap, attacked a cameraman during Trump’s speech at El Paso, Texas.

The cameraman, Ron Skeans of BBC, was “shoved and sworn at by a man” in a MAGA cap during the president’s rally to discuss the plan of the commander-in-chief to build a border wall near the area.

According to BBC in a press briefing, the area dedicated for members of the media was unsupervised, and anyone from the audience can quickly get into it. Furthermore, the media company also claims that there were no security officers or law enforcement who tried to intervene during the incident.

After the incident happened, a response from Trump’s campaign team thanked law enforcement for ejecting the unidentified heckler.

“An individual involved in a physical altercation with a news cameraman was removed from last night’s rally,” said Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer for Trump for President Inc.

“We appreciate the swift action from venue security and law enforcement officers,” they added.

According to Trump’s team, the unidentified MAGA fan appeared to be intoxicated and shoved the cameraman that almost knocked him and his camera over twice before a blogger wrestled the unknown man.

In a letter to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, the BBC’s Americas Bureaux Editor Paul Danahar asked the security department to review security arrangements for the members of the press who attends and follows presidential events and rallies.

“He pointed out that access into the media area last night was unsupervised and that no member of law enforcement or security stopped the attacker entering, intervened when he began his attack or followed up on the incident with our colleagues afterward,” he said in a statement after submitting the letter.

“It is clearly unacceptable for any of our staff to be attacked for doing their job,” BBC said in an earlier statement.

Until now, there is still no reply from the White House to the letter sent by BBC.

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