Twitter Confidently Enters 2019 Despite Decline With Monthly Active Users

TwitterTwitter is still confident to have lots of active users despite downfall last year.

The internet burst out news about Twitter earlier this morning regarding their submission of their financial reports for its fourth quarter of 2018, and it has just been the talk of the town. The report includes Twitter’s fourth-quarter earnings, profits and revenue, monthly active users (MAU) and daily active users (DAU) to Wall Street on Thursday. The company has been said to be the last to do their quarterly report. Facebook and Snapchat submitted their reports earlier on Wednesday.

The news has been around the corner that Twitter had lost so much more than it earned for three consecutive quarters. The company had disclosed their entire report for their MAUs and DAUs showing the decline in their users monthly and daily. After it had done its transparency to the public, they said that they would not be disclosing such figures on the next report for the first quarter in 2019.

Twitter has approximately 126 million DAU or daily active users in the last quarter from 124 million in the 3rd quarter. DAUs have been going up according to the report, but their monthly users have been declining due to some issues and other changes on the service that the platform provides.

The growth on the company’s daily users is already a figure of success and growth for the year and the entire existence of the platform. It had also discussed their monetizable DAUs (mDAU) or users who log in to their accounts that see ads and those who do not get to look at the ads.

However, the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey said in an interview that they are even more confident to enter this year stronger. They are to continue in delivering excellent performance on the platform preserving its primary goal and purpose—to have a more conversational service for its users and a healthier environment for the community. Twitter’s long-term strategy is still working, he added. The efforts on building a stronger and better society for the whole has not been put to waste as users embrace their added features and improvements.

This year the company will also focus on advertising making it the “best place” to connect with their users and other consumers.

Twitter has been a popular platform in social media as it is being used by celebrities and politicians to express their thoughts, wit, and words to the people they want to reach out to. It has been a tool to connect with millions of users around the world.

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