Trump’s Annual Physical Examination Report Says ‘Very Healthy’

Trump's Annual Physical Examination Report Says 'Very Healthy'

U.S President Donald Trump is indeed “very healthy” after the White House Physician conducted his annual physical examination on Friday, February 8.

Dr. Sean Conley declared in his statement on Friday evening that while reports and recommendations are in progress, he assured everyone that the President was in excellent health and will remain so for the entire duration of his term and beyond. The examination took place in the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

The test ran for approximately four hours which the said doctor performed and supervised the evaluation together with a panel of 11 different board-certified specialists. “He did not undergo any procedures requiring sedation or anesthesia,” DR. Conley said after the exam on Friday.

Past presidents have also undergone physical exams so that the public especially his constituents will be aware of the health status of their elected president and is in good condition to serve the country. Furthermore, it is also one way to assure the people that they are free from illnesses which may affect their work shortly.

In 2018, the President’s physical test was conducted by Dr. Ronny Jackson who was replaced by Conley after his nomination as the Head of Department of Veterans Affairs. He then revoked his appointment after several accusations came out such as drinking alcohol while on duty and overprescribing medications to patients.

According to an article released by NBC News, Jackson announced last year that Trump’s health was “excellent,” but he expressed concern over Trump’s weight. He even encouraged and persuaded the President to eat healthier food or start a good diet and do regular exercise.

The U.S president who is now 72 years old, does not drink alcohol or smoke but is known to enjoy fast food.

This examination was Trump’s second during his term. Although the President did not respond to the journalists and reporters when he asked about his physical exam, a more detailed report on his results will be available from the White House in a few days.

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