Large But Not In-charged Anymore: Latrice Royale Voted Off Drag Race For The Second Time This Season

Latrice Royale Voted Off Drag Race For The Second Time This SeasonThe Miss Congeniality of Season 4 was given the chopped by Trinity the Tuck an episode before Finale. Screenshot from VH1

After last week shocking elimination, where the fan-favorite and clear front runner, Manila Luzon was eliminated, many believed that the game will change and that the queens will eliminate based on other factors aside from proven track record.

Latrice Royale, who won Miss Congeniality in Season 4 and was partnered with Manila Luzon in the first season of All-Stars, became the next queen to be chopped off the show. Latrice, who was saved by Naomi Smalls last week because the leg queen ‘owes’ her, was eventually eliminated this week after Trinity picked her lipstick.

This week has seen the top-5 queens battle each other in a mockumentary acting challenge, where they had to act to a parody of the “true pop culture phenomenon”, Sex in the City entitled Sex and the Kitty Girls 3 and strutted the runway with their best interpretation of the theme revolving around cats.

Trinity Taylor, who played the role of Kim, and Monique Heart, who performed as K-Joe, dominated the competition and eventually lipsynced as the top 2 All-Stars of the week. The two battled for the win to Janet Jackson’s When I Think About You were both queens gave phenomenal performances. In the end, Trinity Taylor has proclaimed the winner who will take home a $10,000 cash tip and will have the power to eliminate one of the bottom queens.

Trinity pulled out Latrice’s lipstick, eliminating her from the competition. Screenshot from VH1

The pre-finale episode, with five queens remaining, has all the queens who were not in the top 2 this week in the bottom including Naomi Smalls, Monet Xchange, and Latrice Royale.

During the deliberations, when asked by Trinity who should go home, both Naomi and Monet said Latrice because of her inconsistency. Furthermore, they noted that Latrice, being the comeback-queen, has already gone back once. Latrice, on the other hand, said Naomi basing on her track record.

Ultimately, after winning the lipsync for your legacy, Trinity sent home Latrice Royale and paving the way to the Top 4 of RPDR All-Stars 4.

(From left to right): Naomi Smalls, Monet Xchange, Monique Heart, Trinity the Tuck. Screenshot from VH1

The top 4 queens are Trinity Taylor, Monique Heart, Monet Xchange, and Naomi Smalls. Next week, in the finale episode of the season, the four queens will battle to be the fourth inductee to the Drag Race Hall of Fame and be crowned as the winner of All-Stars 4. /apr

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