How Instagram Corrupts Famous Locations In The World

Instagram poses as a threat to some of the world's most famous location

Is Instagram corrupting the beauty of breathtakingly beautiful locations and sucking all the joy out of traveling? With the era of social media, a lot of previously unheard and hidden extraordinary destinations are full of people. Tourism industries are continuously booming. People, especially millennials, usually want to travel to insta-worthy locations.

From the beginning, Instagram‘s primary goal is to be a platform where users can share their unforgettable pictures and videos. But currently, it is believed to promote over-tourism, narcissism, and fake vacation pictures.

Some famous tourist destinations are suffering because of their popularity; this includes the adorable swimming pigs of Bahamas. Their population is currently decreasing, and locals think that it’s the tourists’ fault. Some of the newcomers are giving the pigs rum and are even riding them to take a photo for the gram.

Dubrovnik, Croatia is also one of the places frequented by tourists nowadays. It gained popularity after airing as one the location for the famous HBO series’ Game of Thrones. According to Coastal City’s mayor, In 2015, they had a ten percent rise in tourism because of the show. But the city cannot manage the massive loads of tourists, so the mayor stated that they plan to limit the maximum number of daily visitors in the town from 8,000 to 4,000.

The digital age and popularity of Social Media sites somehow pose negative issues. Some travelers don’t experience the destination at real time but only look at it through their camera lens. It seems like some people travel, but only do it for the gram. Some visitors may fall off from buildings or mountains to take that fantastic and spontaneous-looking shot which may gain a lot of likes.

Consequently, some travel destinations are close down so they can be rehabilitated, like the Philippines’ Boracay Island and Thailand’s Maya Bay. Some places cannot handle a lot tourists and the pollution that they may bring.

There is nothing wrong with taking instagrammable photos and documenting wonderful travel experiences. But Each traveler must be a responsible child of Mother Nature and keep in mind to take nothing but pictures. If you have enjoyed the location, don’t you want to share that joy with other people, especially the younger generation?

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