Coca-Cola Launches Its New Flavored Cola Drink

Coca-Cola is ready to introduce its newest flavor to the public for the first time in years, the Coke: Orange-Vanilla.

According to Kate Carpenter, a brand director for Coca-Colas’ flavors like Coke, Coke Zero and flavored Cokes, the new taste will be out in the market later this month. The goal is to keep customers who are seeking more flavors to choose Coke products still rather than resort to a different soda.

Vanilla-Orange is the first new flavor of Coke since 2007 after its last release on the market of Diet Coke, the zero-calorie offshoot of its main drink.

Aside from ‘Orange-Vanilla,’ the beverage company also decided to modify its flavor offerings which include: Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Coke Zero. Following the successful launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar last year, people are getting hooked over its invention of ‘sugarless cokes’ which, according to Carpenter, will also be incorporated to the new flavor.

Before coming up with the Orange-Vanilla flavor, Carpenter and her team searched Coke’s international market for ideas, considering other options like raspberry, lemon, and ginger which are in demand throughout Asia.  While Orange-Vanilla Coke was not performing well in Canada, they decided to bring and test it to the U.S market where it was greatly accepted. Consumers said that the new flavor was “unique and different in the flavored cola category” which is mostly dominated by cherry.

Coca-Cola initially released Vanilla Coke in 2002 but did not become a hit to its American consumers. The company also experimented several new flavors such as Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and a coffee-flavored Coke called Coca-Cola Blak but did not always reach its target profit. Back in 1985, people did not also embrace the sudden shift of the Coca-Cola recipe and introduced “New Coke,” so the company decided to return to its original recipe quickly.

Now with its new flavor, Coca-cola aims to attract consumer’s attention and gain their trust for the brand. According to Laurent Grandet, a consumer analyst, new flavors are a way of drumming up attention for the brand, and the coke flavors that work best are the ones that complement or enhance the original recipe.

For Carpenter, it hopes that the flavored version of the product will undoubtedly increase the company’s margin. The new Orange-Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar will hit the shelves on February 25.

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